The ‘Forgotten’ Persecution in China

The current pandemic and the response from China have forced a review of Australia’s national interest. Has this review understood the importance of human rights in protecting the interests of all Australians? Over the past 20 years, Australian governments have prioritised trade in their efforts to forward the national interest—what we can gain from China.

China Bank Collapse Rumors Spark Bank Runs

A new round of flooding has emerged in upstream Yangtze River and is moving downstream, fast. An expert says this is creating a dilemma for the Three Gorges Dam. Rumors of Chinese banks collapsing are flooding social media in China. Worried customers have descended on several banks to withdraw their money. Police took people into custody,

Chinese Authorities Secure Police Funding in Spite of Nationwide Budget Cuts

The Epoch Times obtained leaked documents from local police departments in China that reveal the communist regime’s public security (Chinese police) continues to receive funding, despite a nationwide budget cut announced during the “Two Sessions”—an annual meeting of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s rubber-stamp legislature and its advisory body to enact policies and agendas. During a video-based

Escalating China India Tensions

What’s Behind the Escalating China-India Tensions?

Tensions between China and India have intensified with the deadliest border clash in 45 years in Galwan Valley on June 15. Citing an unnamed source from U.S. intelligence, U.S. News & World Report said the skirmish is not a result of a tense situation spiraling out of control, but a pre-planned attack by Beijing to

The Legacy of a Failing Campaign of Evil

Commentary People of the future will remember the date of July 20 with respect and admiration. That’s the date on which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began a violent, far-reaching persecution campaign against the practitioners of Falun Gong, and their response to this persecution is changing China and the world for the better. Why is

Chinese Villagers Plea for Help as Flooding Worsens, Authorities Let Rivers Breach Banks

Flooding caused by heavy rain has impacted at least 27 of 31 of China’s provinces and regions. On July 14, China’s National Meteorological Center alerted that more heavy rain is forecasted for the area of the Yangtze river basin in the next 24 hours. The center estimated that the overall rainfall in southern China’s Yangtze river basin would be 100

Beijing, Hong Kong Leader Threaten Opposition Camp With Security Law After 600,000 Locals Cast Ballots

Beijing and the pro-establishment Hong Kong government have claimed that the city’s pro-democracy opposition camp may have violated the communist party’s newly-implemented national security law by holding their primary polls over the weekend. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam in a press conference on Monday accused the primary elections as “causing unfairness” to the legislative elections

Hong Kong’s Democrats Triumph as a Bruised Beijing Mulls Disqualifying Candidates

Commentary In a stunning rebuke to Beijing, more than 600,000 Hong Kong residents turned out on July 11 and 12 to vote in the pro-democracy camp’s primary election, in spite of co-organizers of the poll being raided by police, exploding numbers of coronavirus cases, and threats by officials that voting was illegal under the new national security law. The result is a major embarrassment

Behind the Dam [China Angle with Simone Gao]

Hi, I’m Simone Gao, and this is Zooming In. China has been wracked with bizarre weather phenomena for nearly one month’s time. Floods are surging in China, and the ripples may be felt throughout the world. Another disaster may be looming over the city of Wuhan. It is well known by now that Wuhan was the origin

Internal Documents Expose the True Intentions Behind China’s Virus Mobile App System

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus (COVID-19), the Chinese communist regime has implemented a so-called health code system that assigns to everyone’s smartphone, via mobile app, a colored QR code. Green means you can pass checkpoints, but yellow or red requires you to quarantine for a set number of days, as determined by authorities. The stated

Disasters Rage Across China, Affecting Tens of Millions

China, still grappling with the CCP virus pandemic, has been hit with wave after wave of natural disasters across the country. Weeks of torrential rainfall caused some of the worst floodings in decades, wreaking havoc in 26 provinces across central and southern China and disrupting the lives of more than 19 million, according to authorities.

Taiwan Officials Condemn Hong Kong Government’s Plans for National Security Law

TAIPEI, Taiwan—Officials took turns on July 7 criticizing Beijing and the Hong Kong government, after the latter announced details about the newly-implemented national security law on Monday. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen raised concerns that a provision requiring Taiwan organizations and individuals to give up information to Hong Kong police would

Hong Kong Leader Refuses to Guarantee Press Freedom Under Beijing’s National Security Law

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam unashamedly defended Beijing’s newly-implemented national security law on July 7, but failed to address specific concerns such as the impact of the new law on press freedom in the city. Speaking at her weekly press conference on Tuesday, the pro-Beijing chief executive of the former British colony branded the mass demonstrations that

New Security Law Ushers in Authoritarian Era for Hong Kong

At the crossroads between the East and West, the international hub of Hong Kong has long prospered on its dynamic public discourse, vibrant press, and bustling commercial trade. Now, a growing number of Hongkongers are considering fleeing the city, fearing that the cherished freedoms that distinguished the territory from mainland China will vanish under Beijing’s

Chinese State-Run Firm Mandates Some Employees Take Part in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials: Leaked Document

At least four drug manufacturers in China are developing vaccines for COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP virus. On the packaging of the vaccine manufactured by Sinovac, it states clearly that the vaccine has not been approved by China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), the state agency that regulates the manufacturing of drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and so

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