Analysing Opposite Approaches to the Pandemic: Sweden Vs. Singapore

A Statistical Overview Sweden and Singapore have been the focus points of COVID-19 for some time now. The reason for this is due to their vast differences in response to the pandemic. While Sweden has kept schools, businesses and restaurants open, Singapore has performed rigorous contact tracing. Singapore used a techno-medical approach to monitor the

2-Storey Flagship Meidi-Ya Store Planned for Opening in August 2020

For Japanese food lovers who are disappointed with the closing of Japanese supermarket Meidi-Ya at Liang Court, fret not! It is slated to open its new flagship store at Millenia Walk in phases starting from May 2020, and will complete its opening in August 2020.  With the closure of the Liang Court store in Mar

Indoor Activities for Children During COVID-19 Lockdown in Singapore

Nowadays, with the global COVID-19 pandemic, staying healthy is vital to your kids. Physical fitness is something that can be best taught to children during this lockdown through games and other exciting activities. When kids are healthy, their bodies can keep disease and illness at bay. To promote fitness and mental wellness, parents can use

Best Food Delivery Services in Singapore

With the ongoing global pandemic and its accompanying social distancing regulations, most have us have little choice but to wait things out at home. While you can still leave your home to buy food, it is still best to avoid doing so, lest you find yourself becoming part of a crowd on public transport or

Top Singaporean Online Shopping Sites for Fresh Groceries

The demand for online grocery shopping in Singapore has been increasing over the last few years. This is predominantly because online store shopping, unlike brick and mortar store shopping, has become frighteningly convenient.  Online shopping, including grocery shopping, is simple and convenient as you only need to use your smartphone to access an online grocery

Stay Home! Have an Online Netflix Party!

What is Netflix Party? Are you stuck at home because of the coronavirus? And also running out of things to keep yourself entertained with? There’s Netflix of course, but what fun is watching Netflix alone when you could be watching shows with everyone else? Netflix Party Netflix Party is a browser extension that brings you

How Singapore Minimised the COVID-19 Outbreak

While COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the world, Singapore is no longer the country with the most cases outside of China. Hailed by many as being a “model country” in terms of how it has handled the virus and its people, Singapore has garnered praise for keeping the virus under relative control.  Despite the recent

14 Best Gyms in Singapore 2020

It’s a common story for many young working adults in Singapore: time is scarce, and it’s difficult to find the motivation to exercise. But going to the gym doesn’t have to be an unhappy chore. Here are 14 of the best gyms in Singapore for the busy working adult. 1. Beat X Studio At Beat

Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 Singapore Update: 13 Feb 2020

14 February 2020 Let’s hope the coronavirus can be contained soon! Eight new confirmed cases on Thursday, according to Singapore Ministry of Health. They are labelled Case 51 to Case 58. As shown in the table below, Cases 48, 49, 51, 53, 54, 57, and 58 are clustered around the Grace Assembly of God. So

Coronavirus – How the Outbreak Affects Different Countries

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) in Wuhan, China, it has spread globally through human-to-human transmission. With Singapore, Japan and Thailand being one of the worst affected countries outside of China, the regional, if not global, effects are widespread as governments and citizens alike go into defense mode and take the necessary precautions. Here’s

Wuhan Coronavirus Whistleblower Doctor Dies

8 February 2020 Back in December, he saw the medical report of a confirmed case of SARS-like coronavirus.  After that, he tweeted to his fellow doctors to watch out for this.  However, his tweet went viral. He was among the eight doctors reprimanded for spreading fake news.  On 3 January 2020, he was forced to

Food Stockpiling Started in Singapore as DORSCON Level Raises to Orange

7 February 2020 Singapore has raised the DORSCON level to orange today, which indicates a situation where the disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person.   See the chart below from the Ministry of Health. This follows from three new confirmed cases today that have no links to previous cases or have no

Best Dessert Spots in Singapore to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

  We may be known as a nation of foodies, but our desserts are also not to be belittled. From traditional to modern, here are some of the nine best dessert spots in Singapore! 1. L’eclair Credit: leclairpatisserie @ Instagram Credit: leclairpatisserie @ Instagram L’eclair is Singapore’s first eclair specialty store, and they have some of the

Christians in China Forced to Preach Party Directives or Risk Labeling as Evil Cults

Communism is an atheistic system which renounces all religion.  It is a sworn and bitter enemy of Christianity. Karl Marx, the father of Communism, pronounced, “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” Christians have faith in the victory of life over death and good over evil.  In contrast, communism preaches class

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2020 in Singapore

  When is Chinese New Year 2020? The Chinese New Year of 2020 falls on January 25th (Saturday) and lasts until February 8th — 15 days in total. 2020 is the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. Since the Rat is the first animal sign in the 12-year cycle, 2020 is considered a year



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