Media Indirectly Reveals Infighting Within Chinese Communist Party Leadership

Commentary Following U.S. sanctions on 11 officials in China and Hong Kong, the internal fighting within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) surrounding corruption allegations became public. At a time when struggles among factions of the CCP were heated at the Beidaihe meeting this month, The New York Times published an article that exposed the wealth of Party

Typhoon, Floods Batter China as Heavy Rain Threatens Three Gorges Dam

Heavy downpours in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the nearby megacity of Chongqing, and Gansu Province have left many areas submerged in water as the Yangtze River and several of its tributaries overflowed. The severity of the rainstorms led China’s Ministry of Water Resources to issue a stark warning late on Aug. 18 about the water

Orwellian Terror Grips Hong Kong: Pro-Democracy Activist Leung Kwok Hung

An Orwellian “reign of terror” has descended on Hong Kong, says pro-democracy activist and former legislator Leung Kwok-hung, also known as “Long Hair.” Hong Kong authorities have arrested pro-democracy activists like 23-year-old Agnes Chow and Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai; disqualified pro-democracy candidates; and postponed elections for a year, citing coronavirus dangers. For many Hong Kongers, including

Chinese State Media Scorn Hong Kong Activist for Cutting Ties With Family

Commentary The news of Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law cutting ties with his family was reported by a number of media outlets in mainland China, and became at one time the most searched item on China’s search engine Baidu. According to the official account on China Youth Net, Law, who is wanted by the Hong Kong

Global Freedoms at Risk Over Beijing’s National Security Law

It is becoming increasingly clear under Beijing’s new national security law that anyone, anywhere across the globe, can be targeted—a threat experts call unprecedented and an exportation of the country’s oppressive model. The expansive legislation, which went into effect on July 1, gives the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sweeping powers to target individuals for any

Chinese Regime Rushes to Destroy Files Overseas as US Cracks Down on Beijing’s Espionage: Leaked Document

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has directed certain overseas Party cells to destroy sensitive documents and safeguard Party secrets, in response to heightened scrutiny in the West of the regime’s covert activities abroad, an internal document obtained by The Epoch Times reveals. A notice issued in August by China’s state-owned oil giant China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) instructed that

Infectious COVID-19 Mutation Detected in Malaysia

A mutation of the CCP virus that is believed to be more infectious than the original strain that first emerged in Wuhan, China, has been detected in Malaysia, health authorities said Sunday. The D614G mutation that has become increasingly common throughout the United States and Europe, was discovered by the Malaysian Institute for Medical Research in

Modi Hits at China’s ‘Expansionism’ in India Independence Day Speech

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at China’s expansionist agenda and asserted his nation’s ability to defend its territorial integrity in his Independence Day speech on Aug. 15. Experts said Modi’s speech highlights India’s “position of strength” in dealing with Chinese hegemony and in aligning with like-minded powers such as the United States. “Be it terrorism or

China Grows Hungry

Commentary The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knows what’s coming to the people of China: food shortages. That’s the reason behind Beijing’s latest draconian edict to the people, the so-called “Clean Plates Campaign.” Once enacted, the new law will limit the amount of food that people can order at a restaurant and may

Top Chinese Officials’ Moves Suggest Factional Infighting as Beidaihe Conclave Ends

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and the Communist Party’s first-ranked secretary, Wang Huning, attended different meetings on Aug. 17, suggesting that the annual Beidaihe conclave when Party elite discuss political dealings has ended. Every summer, Party factions conduct informal negotiations, discuss major national policies, and finalize decisions while meeting in the northern resort town, although details

China’s New BeiDou Navigation System More for Publicity Than Real Usage, Say Experts

China on July 31 officially commissioned its BeiDou satellite navigation system, which it hopes will rival the United States’ Global Positioning System (GPS). However, there are experts who believe it serves more of a publicity purpose for the Chinese regime than real-life application. According to the South China Morning Post, BeiDou spokesman Ran Chengqi said China’s

Heavy Rain Hits Yangtze River Again, Inundating Cities and Leaving Many Homeless

Flooding as a result of heavy rainfall in Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces caused the Yangtze River to overflow in recent days, inundating cities in China’s western regions. The Yangtze’s water level in Chongqing city may exceed the safety level on Aug. 19, which means an embankment breach could happen at any time, according to state-run

Uyghur Group Urges IOC to Move 2022 Winter Games From Beijing

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC), the largest overseas Uyghur organization, has urged the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reconsider its decision to hold the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing in light of the human rights situation in China’s Xinjiang region. In a formal complaint to the IOC’s Ethics Commission, the WUC said the IOC had “acted in

Taiwan’s Tsai Welcomes Growing Support From United States

In a pre-recorded address to a Washington think tank on Aug. 12, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen laid out a set of plans and principles to guide the future of Taiwan, its role as a leading democracy in the Indo-Pacific region, its relationship with the United States, and its support for the people of Hong Kong. Tsai also spoke at length about

Epoch Times Reporters Describe Being Followed Amid Hong Kong Clampdown

Two reporters with The Epoch Times’ Hong Kong edition said they were being followed by suspected security agents after spotting an unusual person and a police car around them in recent days. The local Epoch Times is one of only a handful of independent media outlets in Hong Kong, with most media holding pro-Beijing stances or being

Power Struggle in China May Be Playing Out in Beidaihe Now

Commentary The seven top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have not appeared in Chinese media since the beginning of August. This could suggest the annual secretive Beidaihe conclave—when the CCP leadership gathers with no announcements, no press releases, and no public contact—is taking place at the seaside resort not far from Beijing. With

Hongkongers Defiant After Latest Blow to Free Speech

The communist regime’s tightening grip on Hong Kong entered into a new phase after police arrested media mogul Jimmy Lai and raided the newsroom of his media outlet, stoking fears that Beijing is intent on extinguishing press freedoms. Lai, a strident critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was arrested on Aug. 10, along with his two

Three Ways to Counter the Chinese Regime Without a War

Commentary  The year 2020 has marked the beginning of a new phase in the “cold war” between the United States and the Chinese communist regime. Following U.S. sanctions against human rights violators in Xinjiang came the removal of Hong Kong’s special trade status, and formal denial of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) hegemony in the

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