Australian Senator Calls for Plan to ‘Decouple From China’ as Trade Issue Escalates

In a week of escalating trade tensions with China, Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has called for Australia to establish an economic “plan to decouple from China.” The call comes as twice this week China took economic action against Australia by proposing an 80 percent tariff on barley imports and announcing the suspension of meat imports from four local

Pandemic Shows Pitfalls of Auto Industry’s Reliance on China Market

Commentary The global auto industry is currently mired in a crisis worse than the 2008 financial crisis. J.D. Power & Associates, an industry research firm, estimated that since the outbreak of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, auto dealers have sold almost 800,000 fewer cars and trucks than its 2020 forecast. Virtually every auto plant in the United

10 Types of Businesses That Boomed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ever since the first few cases of Covid-19 came to light in Wuhan City in the Hubei Province of China, the world has never been the same. Now a global pandemic, the disease has infected millions throughout the world and forced entire countries into lockdown. Among the largest and most heavily affected countries, the U.S.

Lawmaker to Introduce Bill to Help US Manufacturers Move Out of China

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) is set to introduce a bill to help companies move their manufacturing from China to the United States as momentum builds for the country to “decouple” from the Chinese regime as a result of the pandemic. Green told The Epoch Times that his forthcoming bill would allow firms to deduct the entire cost

‘No Sign of Recovery’ for Chinese Economy as Virus Cripples Export Orders

Before the virus hit, the woodworking machines at a Chinese furniture factory never stopped humming, even overnight on the weekend, as orders from Europe and Japan flew in. Now, workers get two days off each week and count themselves lucky if they have two hours of work on the other days. “This has never happened

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself

Commentary “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Those were the famous words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, spoken at his first inauguration on March 4, 1933, at the height of the Great Depression. Unemployment had hit 25 percent and there was panic in the land. Roosevelt was the epitome of calm and reassurance. He told the

More US States Ease CCP Virus Lockdown: Cautiously Reopen COVID-19 Ravaged Economies

Colorado, Mississippi, Minnesota, Montana, and Tennessee on Monday became the latest among a wave of states to declare that they would begin to ease CCP virus lockdown restrictions, in a bid to reopen their pandemic-ravaged economies. Despite warnings from health experts that there is still too little diagnostic testing, the states said that under new

A Silver Lining to the Pandemic Could Be Economic Distancing From China

WASHINGTON—The COVID-19 pandemic is going to have serious implications for how businesses think about China. Souring sentiment against the Chinese communist regime over the past few weeks may force many corporate boards to alter their whole supply chains in a very short time. There will be a “forced decoupling” from China, meaning cutting off economic ties for national and

CCP Virus Threatens to Destroy China’s $3.8 Trillion Belt and Road Initiative

News Analysis The CCP virus may destroy China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that since 2013 has launched 2,951 projects worth $3.87 trillion, according to a new report by Oxford Business Group. Chinese leader Xi Jinping stated that he drew inspiration for BRI (also known as One Belt, One Road) from the Silk Road established

Hobbled by CCP Virus, China’s First-Quarter GDP Shrinks for First Time on Record

BEIJING—China’s economy shrank for the first time in almost three decades of records in the first quarter, as the CCP virus paralyzed production and spending, raising pressure on authorities to do more to stop mounting job losses. Gross domestic product (GDP) fell 6.8 percent in January-March year-on-year, official data from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) showed on Friday—slightly larger

A China Ocean Shipping Company container ship passes the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on May 14, 2019, bound for the Port of Oakland

Governments Must Wake Up to the Menace of China

Commentary Governments currently have their hands very full trying to contain a pandemic and give everybody tons of free money with tax revenue in free fall. Seems that silly old private economy mattered after all. But geopolitics isn’t on hold either. So with China’s navy on the prowl while the United States docks carriers to protect

Governments Must Wake Up to the Menace of China

Governments currently have their hands very full trying to contain a pandemic and give everybody tons of free money with tax revenue in free fall. Seems that silly old private economy mattered after all. But geopolitics isn’t on hold either. So with China’s navy on the prowl while the United States docks carriers to protect crews,

China Trade Talks—What Forced Organ Harvesting Can Tell You About Your Trading Partner

Commentary Trade talks with China are ongoing, and recent events have put a spotlight on the longstanding ethical debate regarding free trade, human rights, and corporate responsibility. China’s demand in October for the NBA to fire the Houston Rockets’ general manager is the latest high-profile organization threatened by the authoritarian regime challenging one of the

Make ‘Rules of Ranging’ Your Rules for Business: Part 1

In 1757, in the middle of the French and Indian War, Major Robert Rogers composed a list of 28 rules intended to serve as operational guidelines for his legendary and groundbreaking light infantry force, the original special operations unit known as “Rogers’ Rangers.” These “Rules of Ranging” were a hybrid combination of Native American combat

Grassley Seeks End to World Bank Funding for China

It’s time to stop the World Bank from giving loans to China, said Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who has introduced legislation to block the organization from issuing more funding to the world’s second-largest economy. As the United States is the largest contributor to the World Bank, it’s all the more important to ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars aren’t funding Beijing’s

Google and Microsoft Accelerate Production Shift From China Due to Coronavirus

News Analysis Microsoft and Google are moving faster to shift electronic device production from China to other locations such as Vietnam and Thailand in Southeast Asia, Nikkei Asian Review reported. The lack of supply chain disaster recovery for many globalized technology companies highlighted by the coronavirus outbreak is contributing to the current stock crash as Wall Street analysts assign higher

A sign urges visitors to wear face masks at the entrance

Coronavirus Epidemic Tests the World’s Economic Vigor

Commentary China’s coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) continues to take human lives. The Chinese people have suffered the most in terms of total cases and lives lost. The epidemic began in Wuhan, capital of the Hubei province. As I write this column, Hubei has had 60,000 confirmed cases and almost 1,800 deaths. Covid-19, however, has escaped China’s political

Coronavirus Has Quarantined Swaths of China’s Economy

News Analysis The Chinese Communist Party’s highest governing body seems to believe the country is still on track to achieve its 2020 goals despite the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Party leader Xi Jinping reemphasized that the outbreak will not stop China from meeting its social and economic objectives this year and urged authorities at all levels to

Oil Drops as Coronavirus Outbreak Saps Chinese Demand

Oil prices fell on Monday as the fallout from the coronavirus outbreak continues to sap Chinese demand for energy. As of 11:30 EST, U.S. West Texas Intermediate futures fell 0.85 percent to $49.97 per barrel, while Brent Crude futures dropped by 1.21 percent to $53.78 per barrel. Quotes by TradingView “The concern remains that the wider markets have yet

Gray Rhino Meets Black Swan as Virus Hits Chinese Banking Sector

News Analysis China has stepped up economic support measures in recent weeks to prop up a domestic economy straining under the coronavirus outbreak. Most businesses and business activities have shut down since the Chinese New Year in late January. Some business activities will resume beginning Feb. 10 but the ongoing coronavirus outbreak is expected to have a

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