A port city in the works for China.

China’s Neo-Colonizing Bag of Tricks

In this time and age, how does a more affluent country seek control of another less-developed but sovereign country, without so much as a squeak from the latter? Well, the affluent country can offer loans to the less-developed country to build lots of infrastructure, which the latter cannot afford or does not need. However, this

Accor Innovates Guest Experience in All Dimensions

Imagine you have been planning a trip for months or even years, be it to London, Paris or Tokyo. You are filled with excitement after your flight touched down, and can’t wait to check into your hotel. Upon entering your hotel room, you are satisfied that it is clean and tidy, but wait a minute

Why is Singapore’s GIC Broadening Its Investment Plans in China

Why Is Singapore’s GIC Broadening Its Investment Plans In China?

Buoyed by successful investments in China’s flagship retail firm Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC has expressed growing appetite for investment in China. According to GIC’s top management, investment opportunities are so impressive in China that the company is giving it as much attention as US tech

Will Cryptocurrency Survive in Singapore?

Singapore will soon enforce laws on cryptocurrencies – similar to that of fiat currencies –  as it toughens its stance on Bitcoins and other virtual currencies, now banned in neighbouring Thailand, Vietnam and India. The enforcement, however, will not be as tough compared to China, where cryptocurrency exchanges were shut and access to service websites

Paul Berthelsen, founder of Perk Coffee

Meet the Kenyan Farmer Who Launched Perk Coffee in Singapore

Hailing from Kenya, farmer Paul Berthelsen started Perk Coffee in 2015 after finding a gap in the coffee industry – the lack of fresh, roasted on demand coffee. Perk Coffee offers coffee as a subscription service, sending freshly roasted beans (or ground coffee) to each customer’s doorstep. In search of the finest coffee, Paul moved



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