4 Tips for Eating Healthy at Work

  We all know the feeling: you are pressed for time and hurriedly working on that important project, all while ignoring your stomach, which is growling so loudly that co-workers think your pet is under your desk. Even though you are a busy gal, when it is time for lunch, go eat! Work will still be

Hibiscus and Rose Cosmopolitan

Hibiscus and Rose Cosmopolitan A Cosmo is classically made with cranberry juice, but I’ve found that you can just as easily substitute hibiscus syrup made from dried hibiscus flowers. They have the same vivid color as cranberries but a lovely floral aroma, too. Serves 1 Ice cubes 4 tablespoons Hibiscus Syrup (recipe follows) 2 tablespoons

Amazing Thai Food in Singapore That Is Good and Cheap

Thai food has steadily grown in popularity in Singapore, and standards have certainly kept up as well, owing to Singaporeans’ taste for spicy and tangy foods. Here is a round up of some of the best Thai cuisine places there are, at decently affordable prices! 1. Jai Thai In the heart of the industrial area

Pope Jai Thai: Good Food, Good Service, Greater Cause

For many entrepreneurs, conceiving and building a unique business idea from the ground up is not easy. But the restaurant Pope Jai Thai is one of those rare, up-worthy businesses that have stood the test of time. Some might know Pope Jai Thai, as one that serves good food and employs those with special needs.

Best Prawn Noodles in Singapore – Fresh Prawns and Hearty Soup

Prawn noodles are undoubtedly one of the unsung heroes of Singaporean cuisine. While not as famous as chicken rice, nasi lemak or even mee pok, every Singaporean has his/her favourite prawn noodles, and it’s definitely a comfort food for many of us growing up. Despite Singapore’s hot sweltering climate, no one can say no to

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

By David Jockers, Organic Lifestyle Magazine The oldest known evidence of avocado use as a food was found in a cave in Puebla, Mexico. Avocado’s have a long, rich history. They are native to Central America and were a favorite food of the Aztec Indians. The avocado plant is part of the flowering plant family Lauraceae, which includes

The Other Renowned Goya: Bitter Melon

Goya, the family name of the beloved painter of Spain, is familiar to all who have visited the Prado Gallery in Madrid. The famous name is also shared by an unassuming vegetable, with unusually valuable properties. It makes the hearts of physicians, dieticians and alternative healers beat faster, but the general public knows very little

How to Make Cantonese Roast Duck at Home

BY CICI LI AND CRYSTAL SHI Hold the turkey; how about roasting a duck for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner instead? Cantonese roast duck—the glistening red birds you see hanging in Chinatown shop windows—is known for its shiny, crackly-crisp skin and succulent meat. The duck is traditionally hung to air-dry before cooking, for extra crispy skin, and roasted

Coconut Cream Bananas and Tapioca (Chek Khtih)

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in Cambodia, as they are in the rest of the world. In Cambodia, we use every single part of the banana. The root, tree, and flower are commonly used as a vegetable, both cooked and raw, and for both humans and animals. Banana is delicious to eat

Grilled Fish With Tamarind Sauce (Trei Dut Teuk Ampil Tum)

This dish is a wrap, and is almost all about making the dipping sauce right. The best sauce I’ve had is still the tamarind sauce my mom made for us when we were young. It was perfect: not too thick or too watery, and not too sour or too sweet. I love wrapping dishes in

Poached Egg and Silky Braised Greens

Listen up: Swiss chard stems and ribs are a treasure—earthy, sweet, and resilient—as desirable as the ruffly leaves that surround them. Give them a head start before adding the leaves so they can soften a bit, sending vegetal juices into the pan to mingle with the garlic and olive oil. Don’t balk at the amount

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, a Night Market Classic

Walking through the Shilin night market in Taipei, Taiwan, I felt like I was entering another world. Bright neon signs hung from buildings and countless food stores and carts lined the streets; loud, fast-paced pop music blasted in the background; and crowds of people, balancing numerous snack items in their hands, wandered, ate, and laughed all

Top 10 Restaurants in Perth

Credit: crestaurant @ Instagram As Perth celebrates a diverse population, the city offers a wide selection of mouth-watering cuisines, including Modern Australian, Chinese, Italian and Indian. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Perth that guarantee will satisfy your taste buds while roaming in this peaceful city of southwest coast of Australia.  Friends Restaurant (Australian

Judy Joo’s Korean Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken has been the rage around the world as of late. The extra crispy crust makes it so different and addictive compared to other fried chicken. My secret ingredients are matzo meal, a Jewish unleavened flatbread, which keeps this crust super crunchy, and a splash of vodka, which prevents gluten development. Makes 24 to 26 pieces

Make These One-Skillet, Five-Ingredient Enchiladas Tonight

I have a major weak spot for Mexican food. I’ll shove pretty much anything into a tortilla and call it a taco; rice and beans kept me alive during rent week in my early twenties living in New York City; and margaritas are my desert island drink. This love affair likely stems from my family’s frequent trips

Japanese Home Cooking: Pork and Asparagus with Spicy and Sour Sauce

Rice vinegar is vinegar in its mildest form. The idea with this spicy sauce is for the vinegar to temper the richness of the pork and sesame oil. Serves four people Ingredients: 6-8 asparagus stalks 200g pork fillet, with a little fat, sliced as thin as you can 1 tablespoon of groundnut oil Salt and

Chicken With Wild Mushrooms, Pumpkin, Rice, and Sage Butter

If the butter is an effort too far, leave it out—it’s still a good dish. This is also lovely with a generous handful of grated Parmesan or pecorino cheese sprinkled on top 15 minutes before the end of the cooking time. You don’t have to use only chicken thighs, you can use a mixture of

9 Irresistible Yummy Nyonya Kuehs and Where To Find them in Singapore

Eye-popping colours, natural pandan fragrance, grated coconut sweetness.. These are the trademarks of Nyonya kueh. Some may wonder, what counts as kueh? Interesting fact is, there is no strict definition of “kueh”, but rather a general term used to describe snacks, which often can refer to cakes, pastries, cookies and other confectioneries. It seems there

Ms. B’s Potato Salad

Everybody loves potato salad and most potlucks wind up with more than one version of the dish. That’s fine, and it shouldn’t stop you from bringing this unique, tangy version. The salad dressing marinade seeps into the otherwise bland potatoes and makes the veggies extra crisp. Use a light hand with the mayonnaise at the

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