An Evening at Tower Club

An Evening at Tower Club

Tower Club’s Straits Bar re-opened its doors on 27 January 2018, the Club’s 21st birthday, following renovations to revamp its interior and attract additional members. Located on the penthouse level, it has a breath-taking view of the South China Sea and emanates an atmosphere perfect for both social and business entertainment. The revamped, multi-functional space

Learn many helpful tips on the art of fine biscuit-making at Kambly’s Show Confectionary.

Kambly: Switzerland’s Best Biscuits Made with Love

Think Switzerland is only famous for its chocolates? Think again. Every day, many visitors flock to the idyllic village of Trubschachen to discover the Swiss art of fine biscuit making at Kambly—Switzerland’s legendary biscuit manufacturer and best-loved biscuit brand. Situated amongst the sunny meadows and lush valleys of the Emmental region, Trubschachen is where Kambly’s

20 Christmas Dinners & Buffet Ideas in Singapore for an Epic Celebration in 2018

Plan your Christmas dinner for the year end with our list of best dinner and buffet ideas! Nothing brings people together as much as a shared meal. Book yourself a feast with Singapore’s premiere yuletide meal packages for a memorable event. 1. Season of Joy at Capella Singapore Capella’s annual festive brunch keeps to the


All The Reasons Why Character-Themed Cafés Are A Hit

The ambience in an eating establishment is one of the things customers keep coming back for. It takes the dining experience to new heights. In fact, it’s one of the first things that attract customers. Character-themed eating establishments might be too juvenile for some people but we’d all be hypocrites to say that they don’t

Authentic Nyonya food in Penang and Where to Find It

The Peranakan are a minority race of mixed Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage. A Peranakan lady is known as a Nyonya, while a Peranakan man, Baba. Traditionally known as Straits Chinese, they are descendants of Chinese immigrants from provinces such as Fujian and Guandong. Over time, they embraced the local customs while retaining part of their ancestral

New Foodie’s Playground Opens in Pasir Ris

After much anticipation, Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre opened on 25 January 2018 to much fanfare and excitement. The duo-concept hawker centre, managed by NTUC Foodfare, has two storeys – traditional hawker fare can be found on the first storey, and modern, ‘hipster’ food on the second storey which is called Fareground. Described as a

et lime restaurant park royal

Lime Restaurant @ PARKROYAL on Pickering : New Afternoon Tea Menu with Local Twist

Lime Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Pickering has recently revamped its “Tiers of Joy” afternoon tea menu which interweaves more local flavors into the bite-sized selection. Out goes the classic sandwiches and in comes interesting fusion items include the Expression of Nasi Lemak, a ball of coconut rice coated in crushed peanuts with a dab of

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