Censoring Evidence on Vitamin C

Many of us reach for vitamin C for any cold or flu. But doctors who administer, or even promote, this nutrient to treat COVID-19 risk intimidation and censorship. On April 23, FBI agents raided the Allure Medical […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Obesity and COVID-19: A Deadly Combination

Obesity is a disease that affects a large proportion of the global population. Obesity is not merely an aesthetic matter, but it is a medical condition that can be life-threatening.  Obesity considerably increases one’s risk […]


Developing a Mindset of Resilience

Resilience-based research tells us that how we deal with adversity is more important than the actual traumatic event. It’s best to be proactive and engaged when facing challenges. We’re in trouble if we fall into a […]


Immunity in the Time of COVID-19

This COVID-19 pandemic is uncharted territory. We have no idea where it’s going and when it might end. It can make you feel scared and rock your life physically, emotionally, and financially. Many people feel […]


Stop Fighting Your Immune System

Important aspects of our immune system have gone overlooked within the current dominant practice of allopathic medicine. One of these aspects is fever. Sometimes we need a different way of looking at something to recognize […]