In Chinese medicine, all mental illnesses are attributed to an imbalance in the heart. In modern terms, we could say chronic stress leads to heart problems. (

Dr Sebastian Liew: Cholesterol and Heart Health

Despite advances in modern medicine, heart disease remains the leading cause of death among adults in Singapore and in most advanced or developed countries. From the perspective of conventional medicine, the main targets for preventing heart disease are treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lifestyle such as smoking and alcohol, and obesity. Therefore, the emphasis


Mental Health: Towards an Inclusive Singapore

Hence, in light of creating a society of inclusion for these mental health sufferers, the hidden and agonising stories of these individuals need to be told. Seven in 10 persons with mental conditions experienced problems living with dignity due to discrimination and the negative attitudes of others, according to a recent study by National Council

Managing-and-Preventing-Cancer-With- Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy: The Nature of Natural Healing with Herbs

I invite you to embark on a journey of healing with herbs and, if possible, work with a healing-centred naturopath or herbalist toward a holistic approach in promoting the overall health of the body and mind. Cancer has become one of the top three causes of death in many developed countries. It is also one


Survival Guide for Festive Feasting – Dr Sebastian Liew

How can we enjoy ourselves while minimising – or even avoiding – the discomfort and fatigue associated with all the visitations and feasting? With the onset of festivities, the ‘sin’ of gluttony tempts us once again. Our affluent lifestyle turns every festive season into an overindulgent affair. I am not implying that we should not


Mindfulness Meditation: Ten Minutes a Day Improves Cognitive Function

Practicing mindfulness meditation for ten minutes a day improves concentration and the ability to keep information active in one’s mind, a function known as “working memory.” The brain achieves this by becoming more efficient, literally requiring fewer brain resources to do these tasks. Many big claims have been made about the effects of meditation, but


The Age You Feel Matters More to Your Health Than Your Actual Age

Your subjective age—meaning the age you feel in your spirit and in your bones—is the magic number. In fact, a growing body of research suggests your subjective age may be a better predictor of your physical health, well-being, vitality, and even life expectancy. Feeling younger than you are might: Keep you open to new experiences; Maintain or



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