Antibodies Persist for More Than a Year After COVID-19 Infection, Study Finds

The immune systems of the vast majority of people who have been infected with the CCP virus will continue to carry antibodies against the virus for at least 12 months, according to a peer-reviewed study accepted by the European Journal of Immunology on Sept. 24. Scientists at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare studied the

A Dangerous Combination

Weak muscles and abdominal fat can be a dangerous combination for older adults who have difficulty walking. A new study from the Federal University of São Carlos suggests that these two physical traits can directly affect the loss of gait speed. “Our comparative analysis showed loss of gait speed occurring mainly when abdominal fat and

COVID-19 Vaccine Should Not Be Mandated for Children: Dr. Scott Atlas

The COVID-19 vaccine should not be mandated for children since it does not “necessarily benefit” them like the vaccines required for school and child care, according to former White House COVID-19 adviser Dr. Scott Atlas. “Those vaccines that are mandated for children, even if you believe they should be mandated, are for diseases that are

Grounding Yourself When Life Is Chaotic

Lately my life has felt pretty chaotic: lots of projects, calls, and creative endeavors. I’ve also been helping loved ones with things and preparing to move to a new home. Chaos can be beautiful! And I’m embracing it. But it can be hard to embrace chaos when we’re feeling scattered, confused, or stressed. To deal

The Most Neglected and Powerful Act of Self-Care

Many of us are (rightfully) focused on taking care of our health, eating nourishing whole foods, and trying to be active, while meditating, flossing, and taking time to disconnect from devices. These are wonderful acts of self-care, and they are necessary and important. But there’s one act of self-care that is very often neglected, and

New R.1 COVID-19 Variant With ‘Unique Mutations’ Discovered at Kentucky Nursing Home

A new variant of the COVID-19 virus has been discovered at a Kentucky nursing home, where it reportedly infected 45 residents and health care personnel, according to scientist William A. Haseltine. The variant, called R.1, originated in Japan and infected many residents and workers in the nursing home who were fully vaccinated, Haseltine said. R.1 now received over 10,000 entries in

Rethinking the Approach to Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease

The idea of seeing a loved one decline and lose their ability to recall their most treasured memories is devastating. However, it is a fact of life for an increasing number of people. A group of experts on population health convened by the Alzheimer Society of Canada in 2015 estimated that nearly one million Canadians will

Heart Drug Shows Promise for COVID-19

One of the hardest things about testing positive for COVID-19 is that conventional Western medicine has offered very few treatment options to reduce the severity of the disease. Some doctors and hospitals are using monoclonal antibody treatments as an early intervention, which may help reduce hospitalizations, as reported by The Epoch Times. Other Western medical treatments for the

The Erosion of Medical Freedom

In late 2020, vaccinations became available for COVID-19 under emergency use authorization. Back then, getting a shot was considered a matter of personal choice. Within a few months, however, that choice is deteriorating, as a number of employers, schools, and even the federal government now insist that the shot is a must for everyone. With

Effectiveness Gap Between Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine and Pfizer’s Widens Over Time: Study

A new study seeking to shed light on real-world COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness shows a widening gap between Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines four months after the second shot. Among the 3,600-plus U.S. adults without immunocompromising conditions who were enrolled in the study, vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalization within the first four months of being fully inoculated was higher

Science Shaky on School Mask Mandates While Harms Ignored

News Analysis Should children be required to wear masks at school? A review of the costs and benefits, including some of the latest science, does not add much to the case for mandating school masks. First, some basics. The risk of death from COVID-19 among schoolchildren is very, very low. How Low? A Nature study

Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Weakens Over Time

Pfizer recently stated that data from Israel and the United States suggests that its COVID-19 vaccine efficacy drops over time and claimed that booster doses are effective at dealing with new virus variants. Federal health officials announced two weeks ago a target date of Sept. 20 to try to roll out booster shots for the

Lighting Found to Help Battle Depression

An Australian study has found valuable information on how different lighting conditions can affect our mood, bolstering research and innovation in reducing mental health symptoms. Led by psychological scientist Elise McGlashan of Monash University’s Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, the team discovered that the presence of light changed our neurobiology in a way

Doctors Risk Losing License for Opinion on COVID-19 Vaccination Deemed ‘Misinformation’ by Certifying Boards

Three certifying medical boards warn that disciplinary actions will be taken against American physicians who disseminate what the boards allege are “misinformation and disinformation” about COVID-19 vaccines. In a joint statement, the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Family Medicine, and the American Board of Pediatrics issued a statement on Sept. 9

FDA Leaders, Other Scientists Say Most People Don’t Need Vaccine Boosters

An international group of vaccine experts, including officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO), said that there is no evidence to suggest that the general population needs COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. The authors warned that if booster shots are introduced too soon, they may cause more side effects in

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