Stop Fighting Your Immune System

Important aspects of our immune system have gone overlooked within the current dominant practice of allopathic medicine. One of these aspects is fever. Sometimes we need a different way of looking at something to recognize its value. So with that in mind, let’s look at what an “externally-induced fever” can do for the body, according

COVID-19: Social Distancing May Be a Rare Chance to Reset

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting daily routines around the world. Overwhelmed hospitals, desolate schools, ghostly towns and self-isolation echo a campy horror flick, but an all too real one. Companies are laying people off by the thousands, the service industry is teetering on the brink of collapse, and socialist ideas suddenly don’t sound so bad to an average

Immune-Boosting Supplements in a Nutshell

It seems it’s more important than ever to be sure we do all we can to boost our immune system and ward off infection. While it’s true that a healthy immune system relies on a variety of factors, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, environmental pollutants, and genetics, we all can also turn to some of the gifts of

Google Vice President Vinton Cerf Tests Positive for CCP Virus

A Google vice president and one of the creators of the modern internet tested positive for the disease caused by the CCP (Communist Chinese Party) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus. Vint Cerf, 76, told supporters on social media that he tested positive for COVID-19, the new disease that originated in China. Cerf said he’s

Drinking Matcha Tea Can Reduce Anxiety

You may love a cup of warm green tea in the morning, but did you know it may also set you up for a calmer, less anxious mood throughout your day? Research shows this coffee substitute may be a mood-booster as well. According to “The Book of Tea,” written in 1906 by Japanese scholar Okakura Kakuzō,[i] “Tea

5 Ways to Maintain Community While Social Distancing

It’s possible to maintain community while social distancing to contain the spread of COVID-19, according to a professor of health psychology. In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 throughout the United States, thousands of in-person gatherings are now canceled, including sporting events, parades, concerts, and church services. For many, the CDC recommendations on social distancing

How to Keep Calm and Carry On During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is evolving rapidly with the COVID-19 outbreak. To date, the virus has infected almost 490,000 people worldwide and the global death toll has reached nearly 23,000. COVID-19 is more transmissible than the flu, with higher fatality rates and no vaccination is available.   The outbreak has resulted in panic buying of toilet papers, masks,

Seven Ways to Have Less Stress

Let’s face it; stress is everywhere, and not in a good way. We live in stressful times of the coronavirus pandemic, financial worries, and how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. At the same time, the very nature of our modern lives makes it hard to slow down or opt-out. The result is

How Behavior Can Help Control the Spread of COVID-19

Amid the carnage of World War I, a flu epidemic took hold in the frontline trenches and subsequently spread around the world, infecting one-quarter of the world’s total population and ultimately killing more people than the war itself. Before it was over, somewhere between 50 million and 100 million people died from what became known as

Best Foods to Help Your Body Fight the Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has labeled COVID-19 a pandemic. That has a lot of people worried about getting sick, but do you really need to be concerned? The virus that causes COVID-19 is like the flu or common cold and, because of that, can’t be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, but not viruses. The key

Social Distancing: The Best Tool We Have to Fight the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads into more and more communities, public health officials are placing responsibility on individuals to help slow the pandemic. Social distancing is the way to do it. Geriatrician Thomas Perls explains how this crucial tool works. What is Social Distancing? Social distancing is a tool public health officials recommend to slow the

Strengthening the Immune System With Chinese Medicine to Prevent the Wuhan Coronavirus

As the Wuhan coronavirus dominates the news cycle and doctors race to find a treatment for COVID-19, it may be worth investigating the role that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can play in helping to prevent the disease. There are currently “no approved diagnostics, vaccines, or treatments for COVID-19,” the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services said

Beat Stress by Practicing Self Compassion

We all make mistakes; some people are just better at dealing with them. If you beat yourself up over a lost job, an argument with a loved one, or blame yourself for a major loss, the stress could be harming your health and well-being. Practicing self-compassion can prevent this problem. When you forgive and care for

Fears of Loss of Public Confidence Expressed at WHO Vaccine Conference

Vaccine programs depend on public confidence but trust is falling fast. One of the leading experts of vaccine confidence warned that without better science and a major shift in vaccine communications, vaccine programs could lose their most important supporters: doctors. Dr. Heidi J. Larson heads The Vaccine Confidence Project (VCP) at the University of London’s London School

Spices for Circulation

There are a lot of reasons why you should care about blood circulation. Poor circulation can lead pain, cramps, cold hands and feet, digestive troubles, and more. It may even signify potential heart problems or contribute to dementia. When nutrient-rich oxygenated blood is having trouble spreading throughout your body, serious problems can arise. Good circulation,

Ginger Can Help Alleviate Ulcerative Colitis

Ginger supplements may be the natural substance researchers have been searching for in the prevention and treatment of common inflammatory bowel diseases. Research published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine indicates that ginger, or Zingiber officinale root, may be of therapeutic value in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, a disease exacerbated by oxidative stress. While further research is needed

What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Aging Better

About 13 years ago, I watched my very vital mother die a slow death from Lewy-Body dementia. For me, it was a wakeup call. If there was anything I could do to stay healthy myself—to avoid the slow decline of an aging brain—I wanted to do it. But what really helps us stay sharp longer?

Eating to Stay Young: Anti-Aging Foods

In some ways, anti-aging is a hopeless pursuit. We all inevitably age. Well, if we’re lucky. We all eventually kick the bucket too. That’s just how life works. We can’t be young and vibrant without the inevitable keeping it all in balance. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to grow old in an unhealthy way. In fact,

Natural Protection Strategy Against Viruses, Including Coronavirus

Every person has multiple viruses in their body, and everyone has experienced a viral infection at some point in their life. In spite of this, the vast majority of people know very little about viruses and how they can protect themselves from the pain and suffering viruses cause What Are Viruses? Viruses are very tiny

The Amazing Mind Body Benefits of Sage

I’m sure you know about sage, but do you know how valuable this herb is for your health and overall wellbeing? It’s one of those herbs we’ve all heard about but may not have in the pantry. After reading this, you may just decide to add it to your regular repertoire. Sage, also known as Salvia

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