Isabel Sim

Entrepreneurial Insights

Isabel Sim is an unpretentious lady who loves dogs. Sitting comfortably at her office in Ubi, accompanied by her poodle, she talks to Epoch Times about the challenges she faces starting her food company – […]

(Credit: Decathlon)

8 Must Buy Products from Decathlon

With origins from France, the sporting wonderland has hit Singapore with 6 outlets sprawled across the island. Decathlon offers only the best sporting equipment at extremely affordable prices as their mission is to make sports […]

A member of the public signs on the complaint form for the criminal prosecution of Jiang Zemin

A Story of Modern Genocide

On a grey Sunday afternoon, a group of messengers in yellow gathered in the restful calm of Hong Lim Park. Amidst their tranquil ranks stood a large board with a deafening message, “Global Support for […]


Treasures of Singapore

Peranakan culture is a distinctive part of Singapore’s heritage. The term Peranakan generally refers to Straits Chinese. As early as the 15th century, Chinese traders sailed all the way from China to Malaya. They settled […]

Chew-Jia- Min

Not Just a Pretty Face

What is beauty? Good looks, or a great body? To 25-year-old Chew Jia Min, who was crowned Miss Singapore International in 2013, the beauty of a woman isn’t about the clothes she wears nor the […]

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Affordable Halal Buffets in Singapore

Singaporeans love buffets! Who doesn’t? But many buffets here serve pork dishes; what if you’re looking for buffet that is halal-certified AND affordable? Fret not! We have compiled here six places that serve affordable halal […]