Tapping the Digital Edge in Commerce

“E-Commerce cannot replace brick and mortar work – but it is definitely catching on,” says Mr Paul Lim, CEO of Singapore-based eComLog Network Solutions (eNS). eNS is a company set up to provide an easy-to-use […]

singapore culture differences

Culture Difference: Singapore & Australia

Singaporeans Sherie Ling and Marcus Wong are the founders of Ayomo, a Melbourne-based company that delivers fresh cold-pressed juices to customer’s doorsteps. Both of them graduated from Australian universities, and have lived in Melbourne since […]

singapore tax haven

Witch-Hunting for Tax Havens

With recent international developments, now is a bad time to be labelled as a tax haven. Last year’s Panama Papers leak divulged several global elites and politicians who were using tax havens to squirrel away […]