How WeChat’s Health Tracking App Feeds Into China’s Authoritarian Surveillance

Since the peak of China’s CCP virus pandemic in February, a three-color health code has ruled the lives of roughly 1 billion Chinese people, assessing whether they can move around freely or must stay in quarantine. Enabled by the Chinese regime’s ubiquitous use of big data and overzealous attempts to stop COVID-19 spread, the mini-app—embedded

YouTube Bans Videos With ‘Hacked’ Information About Candidates

Online video platform YouTube has started banning content that includes information obtained by “hacking” and that “may interfere with democratic processes, such as elections and censuses,” the company announced on Aug. 13. The announcement from the Google-owned platform used the example of “videos that contain hacked information about a political candidate shared with the intent to interfere in an election.”

China’s New BeiDou Navigation System More for Publicity Than Real Usage, Say Experts

China on July 31 officially commissioned its BeiDou satellite navigation system, which it hopes will rival the United States’ Global Positioning System (GPS). However, there are experts who believe it serves more of a publicity purpose for the Chinese regime than real-life application. According to the South China Morning Post, BeiDou spokesman Ran Chengqi said China’s

Trump’s WeChat Ban a Warning Shot to Chinese Tech Firms: Expert

WeChat and TikTok will likely feel the brunt of more regulation after U.S. President Donald Trump signed off on two executive orders banning transactions with the Chinese-backed apps. On Aug. 6, the president signed the two orders barring U.S. citizens and entities (government and businesses) from conducting commercial transactions with the parent companies of both apps, ByteDance and Tencent Holdings. The bans

TikTok’s Parent Company Employs Chinese Communist Party Members in Its Highest Ranks

More than 130 employees at ByteDance, the Chinese owner of video-sharing application TikTok, are part of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee embedded in the company. Many of the employees work in management positions, an internal document reveals. The extent of CCP membership among ByteDance management further demonstrates the company’s ties to the Chinese regime, fueling

Chinese State Media Vows Tech ‘Mortal Combat’ in Response to TikTok Buyout Talks

Chinese state media has threatened retaliation after the Trump administration compelled short-video app TikTok to find an American buyer, citing national security concerns about the popular platform’s Chinese ownership. In an editorial published on Aug. 4, state-run outlet China Daily said the Chinese regime would not accept the “theft” of a Chinese technology company, adding that it

TikTok’s Microsoft Sale Could Accelerate Fragmentation of Internet: Expert

Microsoft’s proposed buyout of popular Chinese-backed music app TikTok could accelerate the “next step” of the global internet’s fragmentation into regional blocs, according to a Melbourne-based cybersecurity expert. TikTok, which is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, is currently in negotiations with Microsoft to sell the United States portion of the app. This would also come with

TikTok Defends Platform After Trump Says He’s Going to Ban It

TkTok’s top U.S. employee said the platform is “not planning on going anywhere” after President Donald Trump announced late Friday he plans to ban it. “We’ve heard your outpouring of support, and we want to say thank you. We’re not planning on going anywhere,” U.S. General Manager Vanessa Pappas said in a video message on Saturday. Pappas highlighted how

China Has the Most Surveilled Population in the World, UK Study Says

Big brother is watching the Chinese a lot more than the other nations, with a recent analysis showing that Chinese cities account for 18 of the 20 most-surveilled cities in the world. British tech comparison company Comparitech compiled the numbers of public CCTV cameras in the 150 most-populated cities in the world based on government reports, police

India Bans 47 Additional Chinese Mobile Apps

The Indian government has banned 47 additional Chinese social media applications, following a ban of 59 mostly Chinese apps last month, according to several local media. The fresh action involves clones and variants of apps that were targeted at the end of June. Citing an unidentified source, Press Trust of India said the ban for all

Nikola Tesla

FBI report: Nikola Tesla, inventor of wireless technology, an alien from Venus

Is the movie “Men in Black” or “Transformers” based on a real-life event? The FBI’s recently declassified document revealed that Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant and prolific inventors known, came from Venus. Namely, he was an extraterrestrial. Tesla’s scientific creations were considered 300 to 1,000 years ahead of his time; all his creations

TikTok Is Spyware for the Chinese Regime, Cyber Experts Warn

TikTok, the short-video app used by millions of mostly young Americans, cannot be trusted due to its links to the Chinese regime and should be banned, cybersecurity experts warned. The app, owned by Beijing-based internet giant Bytedance Technology Co., has come under intense scrutiny after the Trump administration confirmed that it was mulling a ban on TikTok

Former Internet Police Reveals Censorship Operations at Chinese Social Media Companies

Working as a content reviewer in China, Liu Lipeng was in charge of sifting through social media posts and flagging those that violated the Chinese regime’s censorship guidelines. He saw many posts—which were slated for deletion—about Hong Kong’s 2014 Umbrella Movement, when masses occupied the city’s main thoroughfares to demand universal suffrage in elections. Upon

Germany Urged to Review Huawei Role After UK Ban

Following Britain’s decision to ban Huawei from its 5G network, Germany has come under increased pressure to review its own relationship with the Chinese telecom firm. The United Kingdom announced on July 14 that it had banned Huawei from further input into its telecoms infrastructure by the end of 2020, and set a deadline of

Japanese Companies Team up to Challenge Chinese 5G Supplier Huawei

A Japanese information technology and electronics company and the country’s largest telecom operator announced plans to partner on research and development of secure 5G networks, challenging Chinese technology company Huawei, which has been designated a national security threat by the United States. NTT, a Japanese telecommunication group, will acquire a 4.8 percent stake in NEC,

Beijing Weaponizes Facebook to Push Taiwan Agenda: Leaked Documents

Facebook has become the latest platform for the Chinese regime to amplify its propaganda that Taiwan belongs to China, leaked documents obtained by The Epoch Times show. Beijing claims the self-ruled island as part of its territory despite Taiwan having its own military, democratically-elected government, and currency. Researchers and Taiwanese authorities have previously highlighted indirect

The Double-Edged Sword of Facial Recognition Technology

Commentary On the television crime drama “FBI,” Special Agent Jubal Valentine brusquely orders an underling to run a photograph through facial recognition to identify a suspect. Boom! After a rocket-speed search, the computer spits out a name and address. Field agents get to work, and in no time, the bad guy is under arrest. I’m

CEOs of Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon to Testify at Antitrust Hearing

The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will all testify later this month at an antitrust hearing before the U.S. House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, which is continuing its probe into competition in the digital marketplace. The July 27 hearing, during which witnesses will be allowed to testify remotely under current House rules, comes amid an unprecedented

Huawei’s Prison Camp Technology Goes Global

Commentary Huawei, the embattled Chinese network equipment provider, has a new accusation to address. In the West, the company has been well known for its 5G network equipment and as the second largest handset maker in the world. It is also a leader in AI technology. However, Huawei has a much darker side to it

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