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Postmodernism’s Far-Reaching Effects on Humanity

By June Low  |  Epoch Times Staff When people agree to disagree, we often hear them say, “That’s true for you but not for me,” or “That’s just your perspective.” Sounds familiar? Chances are, they’re representing postmodernist thinking. Many scholars have tried to define postmodernism, but a wide range of definitions exist. And that is

singapore society at a crossroads

People and Society at A Crossroads – Part 3

Our previous articles have highlighted the massive changes to our society over the past 60 years. Within a single generation, community-based traditionalism is suddenly uprooted by postmodern liberalism that celebrates individualism. Gone are the days where civility and self-sacrifice were exemplified and respected. Instead, consumerism is in vogue and society is preoccupied with instant gratifications

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People and Society at A Crossroads – Part 2

In the previous article, we highlighted the massive changes sweeping through the world since the 1960s. Under the subtle influence of the mass media, traditional values are blithely eroded and replaced by modern liberal values that no longer champion the sanctity of marriage and family. As healthy family units are key building blocks of any

Social Activism in Singapore

Social Activism in Singapore: The Death Penalty and LGBTQ Rights

The efforts of social activists are always seen in different lights by their supporters and opponents. While they are universally lauded for improving humanity by challenging social ills like slavery and racism, there exists legitimate dissent against activism as their zealotry directly clashes with traditional values and beliefs. The uphill battle to abolish the death

Has Cultural Marxism Spread to Singapore?

The concept of Cultural Marxism has been used everywhere, and there are differing opinions on what it’s about. Some say it’s a conspiracy theory, some say it doesn’t exist, and yet some say that it’s the number one enemy of Western Civilisation. So, what is it really? Loosely defined, Cultural Marxism is a theory that states that Marxist ideas are now getting entrenched

Are We Hoodwinked Into Sexual Promiscuity?

Today, society is so hypersexualised that we can’t turn on the radio or watch a movie without being inundated with sexually suggestive songs or bed scenes. But do you know that sexual promiscuity is destroying people and humanity by deconstructing the institutions of marriage, family and morality? Where did all of these begin? For the

Tips From Confucius on Living a Harmonious Family Life

Let’s do a quick survey. Turn around and ask your friends, family members or just yourself: “Who is Confucius? What are Confucian family values? Do you consider them restrictive and outdated?” Probably, most of us will equate Confucian family values to filial piety (孝顺) or a set of strict family tenets—which is quite a big

singapore security at a crossroads

People and Society at A Crossroads – Part 1

To some Singaporeans, the 1960s invoke nostalgic remembrance of the ‘good old days’. Our communities were close-knit and people enjoyed quality time spent with family. Although our forefathers are not as affluent as we are now, they are mostly contented with a life unshackled by materialism. To them, life was worth more than chasing dollars

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