A Storybook City: Finding the Best of Prague

Anyone who has been there will tell you: Prague feels like a fairy tale. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first visit or your 20th, when you walk into Old Town Square just after dark, you will draw a breath. Your head will tip up, admiring the monuments and spires: the soaring gothic towers of

Winter Wonders: Château-Hopping in the Loire Valley

The scale of these gardens was so sweeping that when I climbed the final step to the top of the belvedere, I drew a breath. The size, yes, but also the remarkable attention to detail. Hemmed in on all sides—by a storybook village, a 12th-century church, a forest, and its namesake château, the gardens at

In Quebec City, Christmas Is Magical

The Old World charm and historically French culture of Quebec City have long captivated visitors. During the Christmas season, it feels even more special. That’s because the picturesque snow-covered streetscape creates a magical atmosphere reminiscent of something from a storybook. Christmas Market   People watching at the German Christmas Market. (Dennis Lennox)   Passersby partake

Finding Belgrade: Exploring One of Europe’s Most Underrated Capitals

I approached through the Istanbul gate. For hundreds of years, this city was one of the westernmost prizes of the Ottomans, with a road that ran straight from here to the capital of the empire. The doors still bear the signs of conflict, bullet holes in the tough black steel. “This city has seen 115

Finding Barcelona: Catalonian Wonders and the Best of the Med

Long-known as the “jewel of the Mediterranean,” Barcelona seems to rise from the sea, the cool of the water merging with the heat of the city, emerging from the blue. From the white sands of a bustling urban beach to the heights of Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, it’s a crossroads of culture—Catalonian and Spanish, France just

Northern Wales: Misty but Delightful

That slight drizzle that the Welsh prefer to call “mist” didn’t bother us at all as we walked about the tiny village of Beddgelert. Wales may often be “misty,” but it is also delightful—and Beddgelert is a good example of what makes it so. This tiny village of only 300 is exactly the sort of

Santiago de Compostela: Is This Spain’s Most Appealing City?

The man walking across the Plaza de Obradoiro is dressed in an outfit quite unlike anything else my wife and I have ever seen before. His broad-brimmed felt hat, which is turned up at the front, is decorated with a bright scallop shell. He is holding onto an eight-foot-long stave. The stave also has a

Sculptor in Venice Creates Giant 12-Meter-Long Violin That Floats Through Grand Canal

Few have been hit harder during the pandemic than those gifted musicians who perform onstage for a living—using fine instruments and honed skills to soothe the human soul with their melodies. In one of the great cultural centers of the world—the city of Venice, located in northeastern Italy—one artist, Livio De Marchi (known for his

Whitehall: Where Muses of Literature and the Arts Reside

In 1883, Henry Morrison Flagler was charmed with his visit to Florida, and he imagined others would also find delight there. With that thought, five years later, he began construction of the first of many hotels in the state. To provide a path for others to enjoy the gifts of Florida, Flagler also established the

Bangkok Jewel: Thailand’s Grand Palace 

Covering some 54 acres in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is one of the world’s most stunning architectural wonders. Built by Chakri Dynasty founder Rama I, the palace served as the Thai royal residence up until 1925. Built on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River beginning in 1782, the palace expanded

The 5 Best Beaches in Bahamas

The world is full of beautiful beaches, and you can make an argument for any number of sultry destinations as being the best. But there’s probably no place on earth that can boast the sheer variety and vivid, almost otherworldly wonder of the beaches in the Bahamas. Here, the water is just bluer, the sand

A Train Journey on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

Slow down, we move too fast now. Sometimes it’s good to stop and stare, soak up nature, and remind ourselves that we’re part of a complicated, grander design.   Sunset in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (Linda Nguyen from Austin/Shutterstock) Walking through the woods is wonderful. But if you prefer the comfort of viewing nature

Ancient Churches a Draw for Visitors to Rural England

The thought of exploring the ancient churches scattered across small villages and hamlets in the 100-square-mile Romney Marsh in Kent, a history-rich county in southeastern England, was alluring enough to bring me across the pond. Admittedly, church touring seems like an uncommon vacation, but it’s a relatively popular English pastime that seems to be right

Beyond the Bars in Cañon City, Colorado

Quite a few out-of-towners spend time in Cañon City, but not for the right reasons. While this smallish city in south-central Colorado is within driving distance of fast-growing Colorado Springs and the former steel city of Pueblo, it is hardly a bedroom community for commuters. Instead, many of those living here are behind bars in

6 Best Cruise Ships in Singapore

Apart from being home to Universal Studios and breathtaking beaches, Singapore is also host to some of the world’s largest cruises. Cruises are a whole different world themselves; floating you away from worldly affairs while granting you the finest pleasures. Going on a cruise will sap away the accumulated stresses of daily life, and there’s

10 Must-Visit Attractions in Perth

Picturesque beaches, historic architecture, exotic wineries… Perth isn’t short on world-class attractions for visitors to the Wild West. With a smaller population and great weather all year round, Perth is an amazing travel destination for a relaxing getaway. These are the 10 things that shouldn’t be left off your itinerary to Perth. 1)        King’s Park and

Top 10 Restaurants in Perth

Credit: crestaurant @ Instagram As Perth celebrates a diverse population, the city offers a wide selection of mouth-watering cuisines, including Modern Australian, Chinese, Italian and Indian. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Perth that guarantee will satisfy your taste buds while roaming in this peaceful city of southwest coast of Australia.  Friends Restaurant (Australian

10 Things To Do When Travelling To Bali

Planning a beach holiday? Surrounded by sapphire seas and golden beaches, Bali is a surfer’s paradise. Also known as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is located in the middle of Indonesia. Besides having a gorgeous sea landscape, Bali has a variety of attractions to enjoy, such as a water theme park, a jungle canopy,

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