Loving a Child with Autism

Liza Foong and her daughter Vanessa Wang were rushing to meet us on the day of the interview when 18-year-old Vanessa fell down along the way. After apologising for being late, Liza sat down and […]

Embrace Dyslexia
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Embrace Dyslexia

Around 20,000 primary and secondary school students in Singapore are diagnosed with dyslexia. An average of one to two students could be dyslexic in a class of 40, according to Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS). […]

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Can Music Shape Your Soul?

Music expresses the quintessence of life and its events. It is precisely this universality that gives music the high worth that it has as a panacea for our woes. Recently, while in New York, I […]

Ordinary Singaporeans, Extraordinary Stories

When Life Hurts, Let Us Help!

Michael Ong – a Singaporean with a down-to-earth demeanor has devoted his life helping the youth and the underprivileged in Vietnam for the past 14 years.   An alumni of the National University of Singapore, […]