Vatican Weighs China Deal, Raising Concerns of Siding With Communist System

The Vatican is in the process of renewing its deal signed two years ago with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that recognizes CCP-appointed bishops as legitimate but the deal emboldened the regime to persecute Catholics more than ever. The agreement between The Holy See and China, set to expire in October, allows the Chinese regime to appoint China’s bishops and

For Seniors, COVID-19 Sets Off Pandemic of Despair

Even as states relax COVID-19 restrictions, in most cases, older adults are advised to keep sheltering in place. But for some, the burden of isolation and uncertainty is becoming hard to bear. This “stay at home awhile longer” advice recognizes that older adults are more likely to become critically ill and die if infected with the virus.

What Happens When We Lose Our Social Rituals?

When the shelter-in-place orders came down in California, the first thing I thought of was my cousin’s wedding—the one I was supposed to officiate. I’d been working on creating a special ceremony since the fall. But once the pandemic kicked in, everything was canceled. Perhaps my cousin is luckier than some—after all, a wedding can

A 20-Minute Dose of Nature Could Cut Your Stress

Spending just 20 minutes in nature can significantly lower stress hormone levels, researchers said. The stress-reducing benefits of experiencing nature apply even if you’re simply gardening, doing yardwork, or sitting quietly in the backyard. The finding, which the researchers call a “nature pill,” comes from a small study published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2019. The research has special

Preventing a Possible Second Deadlier Wave of COVID-19 in Fall

Viral infections occur in a predictable seasonal pattern increasing in prevalence during the colder months of the year. In fact, a low-grade viral infection is commonly referred to as a “cold” because of when it occurs. What environmental factor varies with the seasons and affects our biology to such an extent that it influences our

Beijing, on High Alert as Virus Spreads, Monitors Close Contacts of Those Infected

Chinese authorities have been silent about the CCP virus outbreak in the capital of Beijing, but a local resident recently told The Epoch Times about the current situation inside the city’s quarantine centers, providing a glimpse into the tense atmosphere there. Meanwhile, an internal government document revealed more details about how authorities monitor close contacts of confirmed patients.

5 Powerful Ways to Shift Your Mindset During COVID-19 and Beyond

Now more than ever, people are looking to lifestyle solutions to improve their quality of living. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, for both better and worse. One of the positive side effects in times of crisis is the re-evaluation of one’s life; what’s working and what’s not. The pressure brought on by

Ways To Tell If Someone Has Depression

  We all experience some kind of negative attitudes in our lives — such as feeling bored, loss of interest, feeling down or feeling lonely. These are normal feelings to us as human beings but if this kind of feeling persists for long, that kind of state turns to be depression. Many people have depression

5 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is something that almost anyone can relate to. It happens when we think that we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. It makes it hard to get started, stay focused, and function effectively. If you are feeling overwhelmed, here is what you can do. Start by Getting

How to Keep the Greater Good in Mind During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I just learned that my son’s college, the University of Washington, would be canceling all in-person classes and finals to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. One confirmed on-campus case prompted the university’s response. Though the university will incur high costs—they have to deep-clean the whole campus, for example—I, for one, am truly grateful for their

How to Rethink Your Idea of Success

What are you hoping for in months ahead? Do you want to progress in your career or perhaps buy a house? Maybe you’re looking to start a new relationship or finally achieve that pay raise? While there’s nothing inherently wrong with pursuing any of these things, by attaching your sense of self-worth to these kinds

Understand Your Feelings and How to Deal With Them

Although we experience feelings constantly, most people have a sketchy understanding of this subject at best. This is why Ted Talks have attracted millions of YouTube viewers who want to learn how to deal with or prevent their unpleasant feelings. If you were to condense those Ted Talks into just one sentence that simplifies how

Food Stockpiling Started in Singapore as DORSCON Level Raises to Orange

7 February 2020 Singapore has raised the DORSCON level to orange today, which indicates a situation where the disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person.   See the chart below from the Ministry of Health. This follows from three new confirmed cases today that have no links to previous cases or have no

Feeling Connected Makes Us Kind

We all know that it feels good to feel connected to other people—indeed, research has even linked social connections to happiness, health, and longer life. But one study suggests that our feelings of connection don’t just make us feel good; they also make us do good. In the study, researchers tried a few different ways

How to Accept What We Really Don’t Want to Accept

Right now there’s something going on in my life that’s very difficult. I definitely wish it wasn’t part of my life and yet it’s clear my wishing has done nothing to change it. As is always the case: Fight with reality, reality wins. And so it occurred to me (brilliantly) that this might be an

Why Employees Become Motivated to Stay or Leave

Businesses hope that by investing to make employees satisfied, this will motivate them to stay in their jobs and remain productive. It’s feared that dissatisfied employees will become motivated to leave prematurely. Yet not all employees leave when faced with the same dissatisfactions and they still may leave after being made satisfied. For example, Susanne

Pope Jai Thai: Good Food, Good Service, Greater Cause

For many entrepreneurs, conceiving and building a unique business idea from the ground up is not easy. But the restaurant Pope Jai Thai is one of those rare, up-worthy businesses that have stood the test of time. Some might know Pope Jai Thai, as one that serves good food and employs those with special needs.

10 Cool Christmas Gadgets for Guys

No more generic mugs and stocking-stuffers for your guy friends this Christmas! We have shortlisted 10 cheap, practical and ultra-useful gifts that will make him remember your kindness and thoughtfulness, at least till Christmas next year!   1. Self-stirring mugs (for an efficient boss) The self-stirring cup tops our list this year. Unlike common self-stirring

Overcome the Fear, Doubt, and Anxiety That Inhibit Growth

Perhaps you want to be a better coder, a better writer, or a better musician. Perhaps you want to start a new business or begin an exercise program. You are full of good intentions, but your efforts seem to sputter out. You’re not alone. Resistance Against Meaningful Goals When you work toward a meaningful goal,

The Virtues of a Contented Inner Work Life

Work is more rewarding when we bring a higher sense of meaning to the day’s labor Your inner work life, or thoughts about work, supply your motivation and the empowering virtues you demonstrate while working. Virtues are the desirable values and characteristics that you have the potential of demonstrating on the job. They help supply

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