Xu Heng, a neo-Confucian scholar and imperial official of the Yuan Dynasty,

Dizi Gui :Being Trustworthy 

“Dizi Gui” (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) is a traditional Chinese textbook for children that teaches children morals and proper etiquette. Chapter Four of Dizi Gui, which is titled “Be Trustworthy”, teaches […]

Courtesy of Park Chul-Hwan
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An Art Critique on Park Chul-Hwan

Park Chul-Hwan is a famous still-life painter, with a Master of Painting from Hongik University Graduate School of Fine Arts in Seoul, Korea. The Korean artist has held 42 Solo Exhibitions in Seoul, Tokyo, China, […]

Is Life all About Working
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Is Life all About Working?

Two years ago, at her final press conference here on 23 September 2013, Aung San Suu Kyi mentioned that Burma could look to Singapore as a model. “A lot of Burmese look to Singapore when they […]

Get Your Calm On
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Get Your Calm On

Breath in. Breath out. Is it that simple to get rid of stress? It’s amazing how much your average worker repeats the “Monday Blues” mantra, while taking every chance they can get to splurge on […]

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In The Bead For Peranakan Love

For the unaware, the beaded patterns hanging in wooden frames in Robert Sng’s Little Shophouse might seem nothing more than pretty craft displays.In actual fact, those intricate pieces are designs to be made into a […]