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Giving Cause for Hope

“My idea is this: I can’t save a generation of people now, but if one of the children becomes a significant person, more lives can be changed.” – Linus Lin, founder of Global Village for Hope […]

A visitor reads a description of an artist's work inside the newly restored National Gallery in Singapore. (Epoch Times)
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Interview with Singaporean Arts Enthusiast

“I think a well-developed arts and culture scene is an indicator that a society is liveable, and probably makes the country more attractive for foreign investors.” – Jane (pseudonym), a Singaporean arts enthusiast For millennials, the […]

Dr John Sharpley at his Changi Road residence. The international composer and pianist has called Singapore home since 1985. (Tony Soh/Epoch Times)
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Dr John Sharpley: Music Awakens Consciousness

“I always believe that our consciousness is connected to something larger, maybe the universe.” – Dr John Sharpley, international composer and pianist Awakening Consciousness Dr John Sharpley’s compositions sound vast and expansive, just like the universe. When […]

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7 Impressive Benefits of Arts and Culture

Studies show that culture appreciation can enhance one’s mental health, including relieving stress, lowering one’s risk of anxiety and depression, and preventing memory loss. “Man does not live by bread alone. We do wish for […]