Dr John Sharpley: The Extraordinary Power of Sound and Vibration

Do you know that music is composed of waves of vibration? And that trillions of cells in our body resonate and respond to vibrations, which influence our feelings? From ancient sages to modern molecular science and string theory, studies have proven that all matter in the universe, including our bodies, vibrate. In other words, the

An interview with Choral Conductor : Mr Toh Ban Sheng

“Music to me is a realm. It brings me into another realm. When the music is taken to another realm, I always call it magical.” – Mr Toh Ban Sheng, award-winning choral conductor In 1999, Mr Toh Ban Sheng, a self-taught conductor, stood on the stage of the historic Victoria Concert Hall with Raffles Junior College Chorale.

An Interview with Mr Lee Yuk Chuan: President of the Singapore Choral Association

(WATCH: Epoch Times Spoke to Mr Lee Yuk Chuan, President of the Singapore Choral Association) “A good conductor is able to condition the choir members to achieve the right state. Each member is able sing in tune with emotional honesty, while blending into a chorus without overwhelming each other.” – Mr Lee Yuk Chuan, a pioneer of Singapore’s


‘Rivières’ Art Exhibition Held by 2nd Generation Artist Khan Siong Ann

(WATCH: Artist Khan Siong Ann and his work) An artist has to rely on himself and work hard. It depends on how the artist attains his realm through cultivating [his character and skill]. – Second-generation artist Khan Siong Ann Born in 1942, second-generation artist Khan Siong Ann has been painting for over six decades. His interest in art

Experts on the Art of Tan Oe Pang

“Master Tan’s paintings are amazing. They can be interpreted through the lens of Taoism or Buddhism. They are akin to what Laozi once said: “Pliant, and yet unyielding, exceedingly great, and exceedingly strong.” Both the false and the real, the large and the small, existence and nonexistence, Heaven and Earth all manifest in his artworks.

Premier choral director Mr Nelson Kwei. (Tony Soh/Epoch Times

Bringing Singapore to the Global Choral Stage

(WATCH: Epoch Times spoke to Nelson Kwei, premier choral director) In 2004, the Singapore flag flew high and the national anthem rang out at the Choir Olympics award ceremony in Bremen, Germany. “It was a very surreal moment. Till today, I still can’t believe it’s true,” says Mr Nelson Kwei, a name synonymous with choral music in Singapore. The


Four Fabulous Online Furniture Shopping Sites in Singapore

Contrary to what others say, it’s easy to shop for furniture. If you completely trust a store to take care of what you want, you can just visit their showroom, pick a set that looks great and voila! Your taste, your choice – backed up by the furniture shop’s professionals. Why not? They’re pros in


Short-Term Accommodations in Singapore: Traditional Vs Non Traditional

For many people, the idea of being on a business trip or vacation means having the best accommodation. With the presence of the non-traditional accommodations that allows you to use someone else’s residence or room, along with traditional hotel accommodations that many are now using for term short-term accommodations, which is better? Traditional Short Term


Real Beauty of the World’s Top Four Bays

We’re always drawn to bodies of water. A sign of life and prosperity, it’s idyllic and dreamy when one gazes upon the sea on a relaxing holiday.   However, a usually forgotten alternative to the beauty of the ocean is the timeless and functional beauty of a bay. This loose body of calmer water should


Hipster, Bohemian and Picturesque Places for Expats in Singapore

It’s very understandable and common that if one chooses to reside in another country as an expat, he would choose one that he would feel comfortable and safe in. Enter Singapore. Making up for its size is its low crime rate and diverse culture giving expats a great place to live in. Here are the


Top 3 Dessert Places in Singapore

How often have you skipped dessert because you felt guilty about overeating after a good meal? Or felt guilty about indulging in a sugar- and fat-laden dessert? Well, you shouldn’t feel bad. A dessert is the culmination of every meal. Sometimes it can even make up for a bad meal. It’s a prize. It’s a


10 Ways to Add Life to a Small Bathroom

A bathroom’s design is important for any house. There’s a reason why it’s called restroom in the first place. It should be a place where we can all relax. Never is a bathroom’s limited size an excuse for it not to be as stylish and functional as it can be. Here are some tips. Open


How to Spend Like a Crazy Rich Asian and Not Go Broke

The reason many people go broke is because they have spent their money on things they can’t afford. While this seems obvious, there are still many who can’t answer the fundamental question, “Do you know what you can afford?” Even some people who budget may still find themselves short on cash. But there is a

Three-of-the-Best-Train-Rides-to-Consider-for -Your-Bucket-List-F1

Three of the Best Train Rides to Consider for Your Bucket List

We can be so detached from nature these days. But sometimes, we find nothing that is more beautiful than the scenic views and calm which only nature can bring. But we have to make time to experience it. However, even for the busy people that we all are, there’s always a chance to get in

Hidden Gems for Kyoto Visitors

To many, Kyoto is one of the most beloved cities in Japan. It has exquisite natural scenery, traditional Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, enticing Japanese gardens, and beautiful historic shops. As the center of Japanese culture for more than 1,000 years, Kyoto has one of the world’s largest collections of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As


‘Capsule Wardrobe’ for Women: Living Minimally but Fashionably

‘Capsule wardrobe’ is a concept that has existed even before Susie Faux, an owner of a London boutique, coined the term in the 1970s. It’s a minimalistic concept that translates to just being simple in the way one wears clothes by limiting one’s items of clothing. When it comes to one’s wardrobe, it’s understandably everyone’s


Surprisingly Easy and Enjoyable Side Gigs for Singaporean Millennials

Much as people take on extra jobs for the money, it seems that when it comes to side hustles or part-time jobs, a notable number of Singaporean millennials are doing it as a breather from their nine-to-five jobs. But if you don’t love what you’re doing in your side job, at the end of the


Uniquely Beautiful Homes in the Philippines

Beauty is always elusive. These houses might seem simple enough or too common, but it’s this very reason plus their often remote location in the Philippines that make them some of the most beautiful places to stay in the country. The houses in the list were chosen for their beautiful exterior and interiors that’s easily

5-amazing kitchen-layouts-f

Five Amazing Kitchen Layouts for Tight Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home. From getting something from the refrigerator or cupboard to whipping up a meal, it’s an important part of the house that needs to be properly laid out for everyone’s efficiency and comfort. Now who says tight spaces can’t have well laid out kitchens? 1. U-Shaped Kitchen Looking

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