One of the signature fragrances of spring comes after the consumption of asparagus. Anton G, CC BY-NC

That Distinctive Springtime Smell: Asparagus Pee

Along with many other delights, springtime brings the beginning of the asparagus growing season. Regardless of whether you prefer the green, purple or white variety, asparagus provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and its consumption as part of a healthy diet may reduce risk of cancer and cardiovascular-related diseases. Despite the nutritional benefits of asparagus, many

Authentic Japanese Snacks, Delivered to Your Doorstep

Thoughts of Japanese snacks may evoke images of multicolored Pocky sticks and matcha-flavored Kit Kats lining Asian supermarket shelves. But what about a white chocolate-raspberry rye cookie, or a fluffy mango chiffon cake? Or airy puffs of shrimp-flavored or soybean powder-coated toasted mochi that crunch, then all but melt in your mouth? Such are the treats you


5 Movie Inspired Hotels to Fulfill Your Cinematic Dreams

Ever wished you could live in Elsa’s ice castle or in Bilbo Baggin’s hobbit hole, even if it was just for a day? Well, here are five movie inspired hotels from around the world to fulfill your cinematic dreams! Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida Stay inside this former research laboratory that’s fully underwater! Jules Undersea Lodge


10 Signs of Bad Parenting – Don’t Fall Into These Habits

Nobody is perfect, but we can try to nurture our children to be better people. When educating children at home, many parents have experienced unpleasant situations where they realize that their child’s behaviour has changed, but they can’t understand where the problem came from. Actually, a child’s behaviour is a reflection of their parents’ behaviour.


Modern Problems That Occur In Today’s Life

A famous artist from Toulouse, known as Dran, and Gerhard Haderer, an artist from Austria, created paintings, illustrations and street graffiti based on the modern problems happening in the world today. These creative paintings accurately depict the frustrations, sorrows and pains that occur to us daily. Let’s look at 15 undeniably modern issues that are

Bridging The World Through Music main

Bridges Of Hope: Bridging The World Through Music

Club Street, Singapore – Thirty VIPs from various industries, including Guest-of-Honour, His Excellency Mr Ralph Steinegger, Consul of the Swiss Embassy in Singapore, gathered together for a charitable cause in November. Held at Senso on November 14, ‘Bridges of Hope’ was an exclusive collaboration between the Epoch Times Singapore, luxury Swiss watchmaker Corum, and its

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