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Biden Says He Will Collaborate With China If Elected

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said, if elected, he’ll collaborate with China in two major areas. “Our approach to China will focus on boosting American competitiveness, revitalizing our strengths at home, and renewing our […]

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The US-China Neo-Cold War Is Happening Now

Commentary The United States and China have virtually entered a new Cold War, sparked off by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This year, the CCP has carried out three operations to demonstrate it is a […]

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The Quid Pro Quo of Political Coverage

Commentary This just in. President Donald Trump was in line to take a kickback from a foreign government! His son, Donald Trump Jr., who runs the family’s real estate empire and does not serve in […]

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Bobulinski Press Conference Completely Upstages Debate

Commentary If it walks like a rigged debate and talks like a rigged debate, it’s a rigged debate. That was the way many people, including myself, regarded, in advance, October 22nd’s supposedly third but actually […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Cycle Threshold Value Missing in CCP Virus Case Numbers: Experts

News Analysis Since the beginning of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, policymakers in the United States have relied heavily on the daily positive cases—confirmed by an RT-PCR test—in their policy decisions regarding when states can […]

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Hunter Biden Was Trying to Tell Us Something

Commentary Whether he did it accidentally, on purpose, or (most likely) something in between, when Hunter Biden left a laptop loaded with incriminating evidence about himself and his family, at a computer repair shop in […]

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Hunter Biden’s Business Ties With China

BY NTD TELEVISION Following the emails showing Joe Biden’s potential involvement with Ukraine, more documents have surfaced involving Biden’s son. This time, Hunter Biden is found to have business ties to China.