Michael Flynn: 2020 Election Is a ‘Crucible Moment’ in American History

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, said this week that he believes the 2020 general election was “an embarrassment” for the American people and a “crucible moment” for America. He added that to move forward, the government and the American people need to reconcile. Flynn, the former head of the

Trump Signs $2.3 Trillion Relief and Spending Bill, Says More Money to Come

President Donald Trump on Sunday evening signed the $2.3 trillion pandemic relief and spending bill after reaching an agreement with Congress over stimulus checks, Section 230, and voter fraud, the White House said. Trump’s signing of the bill, which includes a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package, means a partial government shutdown is now averted, while

Giuliani: Election-Related Cases Going to ‘Blow Up’ After Christmas

Election-related lawsuits and similar matters are going to “blow up” after Christmas, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said this week. In a self-hosted podcast episode, Giuliani told listeners that there is “considerable movement” in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin towards decertification of the election results amid a growing body of evidence of election fraud. “So starting after Christmas,

Michigan Used SolarWinds’ Orion, Says Election-Related Networks Not Connected

The state of Michigan was using the software that was attacked through malicious code earlier this year, an official confirmed to The Epoch Times. The SolarWinds Orion software was compromised through malware, or malicious code, which was able “to transfer files, execute files, profile the system, reboot the machine, and disable system services,” according to cybersecurity firm FireEye, which was among

Trump Says Supreme Court ‘Incompetent and Weak’ Over Election Fraud

President Donald Trump said that the U.S. Supreme Court failed to address massive election fraud properly. “The U.S. Supreme Court has been totally incompetent and weak on the massive Election Fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election,” he wrote in a Twitter post on Saturday morning. “We have absolute PROOF, but they don’t

Georgia Witness Testimony: Caroline Jeffords

Over 40 witnesses spoke to the media at Cobb Country Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia on Dec. 9, 10, 13, and 14. They presented evidence of election irregularities and fraud they had collected during the 2020 election ballot counts and recount. Some of them did not get the chance to give their testimonies in person, but sent their

Trump Vetoes Defense-Spending Bill, Calls It ‘A Gift to China and Russia’

President Donald Trump has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) because it fails to remove Section 230—the liability shield that protects social media companies, among other reasons. “Unfortunately, the Act fails to include critical national security measures, includes provisions that fail to respect our veterans and our military’s history, and contradicts efforts by my

Operation Legend Leads to Over 6,000 Arrests, Including 467 for Murder: DOJ

Outgoing Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday gave his last update on Operation Legend, a Trump administration initiative to drive down violent crime in major inner cities, saying that the program had led to over 6,000 arrests since its launch earlier this year. The operation was launched in Kansas City, Missouri, in July and has since been expanded to eight cities

Video: Mike Lindell: Election Integrity Is Bigger Than ‘Right’ and ‘Left’

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, said that the need for election integrity goes beyond partisan politics, and called for investigations. We had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Lindell at the Student Action Summit of Turning Point USA in Florida. These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads. Crossroads is an Epoch Times show

More GOP Lawmakers Back Electoral College Challenge

Another member of Congress has pledged to challenge the Electoral College vote submissions when the Joint Session of Congress meets Jan. 6, joining several others who said they will do so. Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) wrote in a letter to Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) that “I intend to object to the certification of

Suffering Fools Easily Is Not an Option for Donald Trump

Commentary One of President Trump’s most prescient statements to the American electorate leading up to the November vote was, “They’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.” The question that everyone should want to fully grasp now is who is the “they” that Trump has repeatedly referred to, and what do

Grenell: ‘Very Concerned’ With Biden and His NSA Pick Over China

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence, said on Sunday that he was very concerned with Joe Biden and his national security advisor pick with respect to U.S.-China policy. Mark Levin, the host of the Fox News’ “Life Liberty & Levin” show, suggested that Biden is “exactly the wrong man, at the wrong

All Eyes on Congress as Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Electoral Votes

President Donald Trump’s multilayered effort to challenge the results of the election is expected to culminate on Jan. 6, 2021, when the Electoral College vote count will almost surely be challenged by a group of Republican lawmakers who vow to block electors from seven states where allegations of voter fraud and misconduct have been raised.

Meadows: Trump Met With Several Congress Members on Fraud, Will ‘Fight Back’

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said President Donald Trump met with several members of Congress on alleged voter fraud and will “fight back.” “Several members of Congress just finished a meeting in the Oval Office with President [Trump],” he wrote on Twitter, adding that they are “preparing to fight back against mounting evidence

Trump Is Ill-Served by Advisers Pushing Him to Concede, Former Overstock CEO Says

President Donald Trump’s advisers “want him to lose” the election “and are lying to him,” according to Patrick Byrne, the former CEO who says he was part of a lengthy White House meeting on Dec. 18. “Trump is lied to by his own advisers, who tell staff ‘get the president to concede’ while they stall

YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing

One of President Donald Trump’s lawyers said YouTube removed his opening statement from a Senate Homeland Security hearing on election fraud. “YouTube has decided that my opening statement in the U.S. [Senate], given under oath and based upon hard evidence, is too dangerous for you to see; they removed it. To this day, ‘our evidence



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