Beijing’s Modern ‘Cultural Revolution’ Threatens Western Civilization: US Commissioner

The communist regime in China is waging another “Cultural Revolution” and this time, it has worldwide implications, said Nury Turkel, a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). “What is happening in China today, with respect to religious ethnic minorities, with this repressive environment … is literally a Cultural Revolution on steroids,”

Trump on 2024 Decision: Supporters Will Be ‘Very Happy’

Former President Donald Trump in a new interview said his supporters will be pleased when asked about the possibility of running in 2024. “The answer is I’m absolutely enthused. I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time. As you know, it’s very early, but I think people are going to be very,

Trump Appears to Launch Communications Platform Months After Twitter Ban

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to launch a new communications platform, coming several months after he was suspended from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. The platform appears on Trump’s personal website. It includes social-media-like posts from the former president that can be shared to Facebook and Twitter. It’s not clear whether the website

North Korea Says Biden ‘Made a Big Blunder’ in Calling It a Serious Threat

A senior official from the reclusive communist regime in North Korea issued a statement on Sunday saying that President Joe Biden “made a big blunder” in a recent speech to Congress by calling Pyongyang a security threat. In his first address to a joint session of Congress on April 28, Biden flagged the nuclear program in

FBI Spied on Giuliani, Trump ICloud Communications During Impeachment Push: Giuliani

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that the FBI surveilled his and former President Donald Trump’s iCloud chats during impeachment hearings in 2019. In an interview over the weekend, Giuliani, whose home was searched by federal agents last week, said that his lawyer, Robert Costello, was told by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan that the alleged wiretapping took place. “He

NYT, Washington Post, NBC Retract Reports That Giuliani Got FBI Russia Briefing

The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NBC News have retracted earlier reporting that incorrectly stated former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was directly warned by the FBI that he was targeted by a Russian intelligence influence operation. The stories came out after federal investigators executed a search warrant at the home and office of the former New York

Biden Administration Cancels Military-Funded Border Wall Projects

The Department of Defense (DOD) announced it is canceling U.S.-Mexico border wall construction efforts that were paid with funds that were initially allocated for the military. Former President Donald Trump ordered the diversion of billions of dollars in military and defense funds toward building the wall, using his emergency executive powers. “The Department of Defense

America First Legal Pursuing Lawsuit Against Critical Race Theory: Stephen Miller

America First Legal (AFL) is seeking to launch a lawsuit against critical race theory (CRT), Stephen Miller, ex-adviser for former President Donald Trump, said. “We’re also looking for plaintiffs—if we can find them—who are willing to stand up and file suit on critical race theory,” he said during an interview with Fox News. Miller encouraged

Judge Rejects Democrats’ Bid to Immediately Halt Arizona 2020 Election Audit

An Arizona judge on April 28 rejected an attempt by the Arizona Democratic Party to immediately halt an audit of the 2020 election in the state’s largest county. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin said Democrats didn’t provide “substantive evidence of any breaches or threatened breaches of voter privacy.” The lawsuit, filed just before

Biden’s First 100 Days a Radical Transformation of America

News analysis President Donald Trump and conservative pundits warned for months during the 2020 campaign that behind then-candidate Joe Biden’s centrist, bipartisan façade lay a radical liberal agenda to transform the United States. Biden has proven them right in less than 100 days, earning praise from liberal observers who are drawing historical comparisons to the tenure

China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomats Fighting Political Warfare Against the West

News Analysis From France to Venezuela to the United States, the Chinese communist regime’s diplomats have been busy this past year blustering, threatening, and denigrating their host countries as part of an all-out effort to advance Beijing’s agenda on the world stage. This aggressive style, dubbed “wolf warrior” diplomacy, was on full display in March

Trump-Tied Group Sues Biden Admin Over Racial Discrimination in Farm Subsidy Program

A newly-formed legal group tied to former President Donald Trump on April 26 sued the Biden administration, seeking to block the implementation of a farm subsidy program that overtly excludes white farmers. America First Legal, headed by former senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller, filed the lawsuit on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the

UK Carrier Strike Group to Embark on 6-month Indo-Pacific Deployment

Britain will send a Carrier Strike Group to the Indo-Pacific region next month in a massive show of force aimed at countering the security challenges posed by the Chinese regime. The Carrier Strike Group, which will be led by the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, will be the “largest concentration of maritime and air power” in the UK,

West Faces ‘Moment of Reckoning’ Over Chinese Tech Threat: UK Intelligence Chief

A senior British intelligence official has warned that China’s tech growth is posing a serious threat to the security of the UK and the West in general. Jeremy Fleming, director of Britain’s GCHQ intelligence agency, said on Friday that the West is facing a “moment of reckoning” as China and Russia increase their malign activities

7,157 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19, 88 Dead: CDC

The number of recorded COVID-19 cases among Americans who have been fully vaccinated against the virus that causes it is now over 7,100, according to health officials. The so-called breakthrough cases are reported by states to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which then releases the figures. In its new update, the CDC

Trump: ‘Nobody Should Be Forced to Get’ COVID-19 Vaccine

Former President Donald Trump again endorsed COVID-19 vaccines but said that people should not be forced to get them—likely in response to several states and countries pushing for vaccine passport-type systems. “The vaccine is a great thing and people should take advantage of it,” Trump told the New York Post on Thursday, but qualified his

Texas Sues Biden Administration for Allegedly Disregarding COVID-19 Rules at Border

The attorney general of Texas on Thursday sued President Joe Biden’s administration for allegedly flouting its own COVID-19 rules in handling the surge of illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico. Administration officials “have abandoned the preexisting protections against the introduction into Texas and the United States of aliens infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus during a pandemic,” the 34-page lawsuit states.

China Presses Foreign Governments, Companies to Disregard Human Rights: US Report

WASHINGTON—China’s religious freedom violations, and its growing influence and activities beyond its borders, were “the most troubling developments” of last year, according to an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission. In its 2021 annual report released on April 21, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) called out China as one of the world’s “egregious violators”

Candace Owens Slams Media, Education System for ‘Systemic Oppression’ After Chauvin Verdict

Conservative commentator and author Candace Owens has condemned the media for “systemic oppression” after the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial, urging more people to stand up against the oppression. “What we’re really seeing is mob justice,” Owens said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday of the verdict in former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial earlier that

Australia Tears Up Belt and Road Deals With Beijing

Australia’s Foreign Minister, Senator Marise Payne on Wednesday night officially tore up Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road (BRI) deals with Beijing, saying they were not consistent with the national interest. Payne exercised recently granted powers under Australia’s Foreign Relations Act to axe four deals in total, all between the Victorian state government and foreign regimes, including Iran, Syria, and



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