Attention Turns From Tokyo Olympics to Beijing 2022 Amid Calls for Boycott

As the Tokyo Summer Olympics closed on Aug. 8, attention has turned back to the controversy surrounding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics games ran relatively smoothly during the COVID-19 pandemic, although it was not open to spectators. The United States scored the most gold medals with 39, with China coming in second with 38. The

China’s Communists Demand Concessions From Washington While Committing Thievery

Commentary The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) turned the Tianjin talks on July 26 into Alaska talks Version 2. The CCP’s foreign minister Wang Yi blatantly made three demands on the United States, which he claimed to be the “bottom lines” that the regime “firmly upholds.” These demands are: firstly, “the United States must not challenge,

‘No Vaccine Passports’: Massive Protests Across France Over New COVID Rules

For the fourth consecutive weekend, thousands of demonstrators in France took to the streets to protest against the country’s strict new COVID-19 rules, including a so-called “health pass” that restricts unvaccinated people from entering restaurants, bars, gyms, and other venues. Video footage uploaded on social media showed demonstrators marching in Paris, chanting slogans against vaccine

China and US: Will Cyberwar Lead to All Out War?

Commentary Will the recent Beijing-backed cyber-attacks directed at the United States result in war? This is the very question the American economist David P. Goldman recently asked. It’s an important, even existential, question to ask, and a very difficult one to answer. Last month, however, President Joe Biden warned that the recent cyberattacks, which included the hacking

Why No One Trusts the Media in 30 Minutes or Less

It’s no secret that trust in the mainstream media has fallen to record lows within the last decade. Recent polls show a paltry 16 percent of the U.S. population currently trust televised news content to be giving them accurate information, while newspapers garner only 21 percent confidence in their reporting. Only Congress fares worse with

Chinese Regime Has Stolen Enough Data to Compile ‘Dossier’ on All Americans: Former Official

A former U.S. national security official warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is stealing data to compile a “dossier” on every American adult and may use coercive means to influence private citizens and political leaders. During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing this week, former Trump deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger said the CCP has stolen Americans’

Boston Mayor Indicates Opposition to Vaccine Passports, Comparing Them to Slave Papers

Boston’s acting mayor appeared on Aug. 3 to voice her opposition to requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, suggesting that so-called vaccine passports would disproportionately affect minorities. “We want to make sure that we are giving every opportunity for folks to get vaccinated. When it comes to what businesses may choose to do, we know that

US Offers Temporary ‘Safe Haven’ to Hongkongers Amid Beijing’s Suppression

President Joe Biden on Aug. 5 said he’s offering a “safe haven” to Hongkongers in the United States that would allow thousands to extend their stay, amid Beijing’s “significant erosion” of their freedoms back home. In a signed memo, Biden asked the Department of Homeland Security to defer the removal of Hong Kong residents currently

Belarusian Olympic Sprinter Says Family Warned Her to Flee, Fearing Reprisals

A Belarusian sprinter, who refused to board a flight back to her home country out of fear she would be arrested after publicly criticizing her coaches at the Tokyo Olympics, revealed her grandmother also warned her it was not safe to return. Krystsina Tsimanouskaya of eastern Belarus has since fled to the capital of Poland instead, where she arrived on

Biden Administration Approves Its First Arms Sale to Taiwan

The administration of President Joe Biden approved its first arms sale to Taiwan, a move which is sure to draw criticism from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which considers the island nation a breakaway province. The State Department on Wednesday approved the sale of $750 million worth of military equipment to Taiwan, triggering a 30-day

CRT Shares the Same Ideology as China’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese American Warns

The Heritage Action for America, a partner organization of the Heritage Foundation, hosted a panel discussion on critical race theory (CRT) in Georgetown, Delaware, on July 29. Six speakers stressed the dangers of CRT and how it has penetrated American society. One speaker compared the similarities of CRT and China’s Cultural Revolution. About 500 people

Twitter Partners With AP, Reuters to Combat ‘Misinformation’

Twitter announced Monday it will partner with The Associated Press and Reuters news agencies to combat alleged “misinformation,” although it’s not clear how it will be deployed. The San Francisco-based company, in a blog post, said the partnership with Reuters and AP will expand its “efforts to identify and elevate credible information on Twitter.” That

Police Officer Who Responded to Jan. 6 Capitol Breach Dies by Suicide

A Washington police officer who responded to the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol was found dead inside his home last week. Gunther Hashida, 43, killed himself and was found on July 29, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Department told The Epoch Times. “We are grieving as a Department as our thoughts and

GOP Report Points to Wuhan Lab Leak as Source of CCP Virus

House Republicans have released an addendum to their Origins of COVID-19 (pdf) report released last year, concluding that evidence points to a leak from a Chinese lab as the source of the outbreak. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the updated (pdf) report on Aug. 2, which was

‘Our Freedom Is in Danger’: Protests Erupt Across Europe Over COVID-19 Mandates

Thousands of people in France demonstrated against a special “health pass” and marched through Paris and other French cities on July 31, with most of the protests being peaceful, with a few sporadic clashes. Some 3,000 security forces deployed around Paris for the third weekend of protests against the pass, which will be required soon to enter

Trump Amends Big Tech Lawsuit as 65,000 Americans Submit Censorship Stories

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has amended his class action lawsuit against Big Tech to incorporate additional class representatives and more censorship stories provided by everyday Americans. According to the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), Trump’s July 7 lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google is adding ”additional censorship experiences” from some of the nearly

Restaurant Group’s CEO: Customers Will Have to Give Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

The founder of Shake Shack said Thursday his Union Square Hospitality Group will require indoor diners and drinkers at its restaurants to show that they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19. Employees will also have to get the vaccine, Danny Meyer said, although he didn’t say whether they would be fired or be forced to wear masks.

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