Combating Hair Loss at 40, Restore a Fuller Denser Mane

Combating Hair Loss at 40, Restore a Fuller Denser Mane
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I’m 40 years old. I work as corporate communications director in an MNC. Work is stressful, hectic and I usually sleep around 2am.  My eating time is also irregular and unhealthy. I often settle for quick small meals, which are mostly fast and fried food. Needless to say, I have no time to exercise. This explains why I am mildly obese at 92kg.

Grey hair started appearing in the last 5 years. I also experienced hair thinning and hair loss, especially on the top of my head. I sensed the signs of balding.

I wanted to take action; so I tried popular hair care products on the market but they were not effective. On one of my off-days, I passed by Beijing 101 and casually asked them for professional advice.

A consultant did a live scalp analysis, and found out that I had an oily scalp which blocked my pores, restricting oxygen necessary for hair growth. My poor blood circulation might have hindered scalp metabolism.

She was a very experienced lady. She traced the cause of my condition to stress, unhealthy eating and sleeping habits and poor hair maintenance. I gave their introductory treatment a try. It was not expensive although it was a customised herbal conditioning.

The therapist applied 101’s signature herbal concoction on my scalp. The odourless gel contains herbs like Ginseng, LingZhi and He Shou Wu. I liked the cool fresh sensation.

After rinsing off (she advised me to use warm water daily for my oily scalp), I was given their latest technology to relieve scalp tension and reduce hair loss. This is 101’s latest innovation, which is very simple yet effective. The treatment took 30 minutes only. I could feel tiny electric pricking sensations on my scalp, where more treatment was performed on exposed areas with lesser hair.

The treatment ended with a 20 minute head, neck and shoulder massage. The entire process, including explanation, took about 2 hours (slightly longer for first timers). There was a big difference in the before and after scans. My pores are clearly visible, not clogged by excess serum and oil, and my scalp revealed a clear skin tone (vs the oily tone before treatment).

Pores clogged by excess serum on oily scalp
Before: Pores clogged by excess serum on oily scalp
Clear pores with clean scalp
After: Clear pores with clean scalp

My scalp felt energized and clean after the session. I now have a healthier mane. Highly recommended!

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