Fluff Bakery—the BEST halal CUPCAKES in Singapore!

(Facebook | Fluff Bakery)
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Fluff Bakery, is one of the best known halal bakeries in in the Singapore’s Muslim community, famed for its innovative and toothsome halal cupcakes.

Established by head Baker Nursyazanna Syaira initially as a hobby, she evolved it into an online business, then to a brick–and–mortar store in 2013 due to the increased followings for her cupcakes.


Her tiny and quaint bakery is nestled along 4 Jalan Pisang in the Arab Street area.

I ordered two flavours—the red velvet and the bandung. As a Singaporean, I certainly like the bandung cupcake best!

Bandung is a flavour derived from the bandung drink, a popular bright pink coloured beverage, consists of rose syrup and milk, commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia.

The bandung syrup was fused in the center of the cupcake, and the sweet fragrance of bandung enveloped my whole mouth when I tucked into it.


fluff bakery bandung cupcake
(Facebook | Fluff Bakery)

“Their speciality is the smooth creamy filling in the centre which is like a surprise in the mouth with every cupcake. Their flavor change regularly and are always worth waiting for. Highly recommended,” wrote Netizen Namdev Sachathep.

fluff bakery cupcakes
(Facebook |Fluff Bakery)

fluff bakery 4

fluff bakery 5

That was my first time trying Fluff Bakery’s cupcakes. The result? Satisfying! These heavenly cupcakes were rich, sweet and creamy. Can’t wait to try it again!

fluff bakery 6

fluff bakery 7

fluff bakery 8

On its website, Fluff Bakery states: “Our cupcakes are well known for being one of the most delicious in town! Each cupcake is lovingly cored and filled before we frost them and this gives our cupcakes an added flavour dimension. In fact, we’ve done over a hundred cupcake flavours to date!”

Fluff Bakery’s exciting flavours—Nutella Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Triple Nutella, Mango Pop Rocks, Thai Milk Tea, Putri Salat, Chocolate Butterscotch Praline and Chocolate Speculoos Cheesecake.

fluff bakery 8 flavors cupcakes
1. Nutella Red Velvet 2. Salted Caramel 3. Triple Nutella 4. Mango Pop Rocks 5. Thai Milk Tea 6. Putri Salat 7. Chocolate Butterscotch Praline 8. Chocolate Speculoos Cheesecake (Facebook | Fluff Bakery)

Other than these delicious cupcakes, Fluff Bakery also bakes fresh every day a variety of layered cakes, rustic cakes and tarts!

fluff bakery 9

fluff bakery 10

fluff bakery 11

Address: 4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071 (Nearest MRT: Bugis)
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Satuday
12 noon till 7:30pm

fluff bakery stall location

Website: http://www.fluffbakery.sg/

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