Indonesia launches “chicken raising program” to cope with children’s smartphone addiction

A kid playing with a Chick(Andi_Graf, Pixabay/ D-dayMarine, en.wikipedia)
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By Epoch Times Staff

Smartphone addiction is a real problem nowadays. Whether we are walking, having a meal or taking public transportation, many of us never stop using our smartphones as if our lives depend on it. The worst thing is that it has even affected our younger generations as well. In hopes to save kids from electronic gadgets, the Indonesian government has recently launched a “chicken raising program” — “Chickenization”.

According to a news report by the Malaysian “Chinese Press”, the city of Bandung in West Java has launched a program to get children away from electronic devices by giving them baby chickens. Each child who participated in the program will receive a chick and those who have successfully raised the chicks will be rewarded with another 3 new chicks.

A 3 Day old Chick (D-dayMarine, en.wikipe)

Krystal from Indonesia posted on her Twitter account a series of photos and videos of her younger sister raising chicks. As her sister has participated in this “Chickenization” program, she decided to record down every moment of it. When her sister first brought back the yellow chick, it was so cute and was only a palm-sized. After taking care of it for some time, it has grown up to become a rooster.

This elder sister posted, “After my sister starts to participate in the program, she uses most of her time to take care of the chick and play with it. She still watches YouTube videos occasionally, but the use of smartphones has decreased a lot overall.”

In one of the video clips she posted on Twitter, her younger sister holds the white-feather chick. She seems to like it a lot as she strokes it gently. The chick was comfortable with her and showed no sign of struggle. The close bond between these two can be shown in the video clip and the warm scene has won the hearts of netizens with 22.4k views now.

A full grown Rooster(Юкатан ,Wikimedia commons)

Most netizens left comments to show their support for the program. Some even praised the younger sister’s ability to raise chickens. A Taiwanese netizen commented, “The Taiwanese government should have considered launching this in Taiwan in order to cope with children’s smartphone addiction issues.”

In fact, raising chickens and ducks as pets has already been a trend in European and American countries. The UK has started such a trend back then in 2000. It was probably caused by the idea of getting organic eggs more easily. But even so, they will still give each chick a name and treat them like their pets.

Some cities in America have started to raise chickens and ducks as pets too and the number is almost on par with those who have dogs and cats at home. Same like any other pets out there, chickens also form bonds with humans. Each of them has their own personalities as well. When owners place grains on their hands, they will carefully peck the food so that they won’t hurt their owners. Chickens will also respond to their owners’ calls and even follow them around. It seems like, they do show their unique feelings too!

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