Little Boy Teaches Frustrated Waitress a Life Lesson on Making Assumptions

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Words of Wisdom aims to highlight important morals, which we feel our readers will benefit from reading. We hope you enjoy this fable.

Albert Einstein once said, “Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong.” We may have made lots of assumptions in our lives, and how many of them are correct? One touching story that has been circulating on the internet reminds us that we should never be too quick to judge.

When a young 10-year-old boy walked into the restaurant alone, one waitress got annoyed at the sight of him, thinking that the boy would definitely not spend a lot. The waitress felt the boy would be wasting her time.

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Despite feeling irritated, the waitress had to serve the young boy and brought a glass of water to his table.

The boy might not have detected the waitress’s mood and asked innocently, “Miss, how much is an ice cream sundae?”

“Fifty cents,” was the curt reply from her.

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Hearing this, the boy was silent and looked down like he was thinking before he asked her the price of a regular ice cream.

The waitress became even more annoyed by the boy’s questions as she could see a line had formed outside the restaurant and wanted to quickly get other customers seated.

“A plain cup of ice cream is 35 cents,” she said impatiently.

The boy made up his decision, ordering a regular ice cream and giving back the menu with a smile.

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The waitress returned after several minutes with the ice cream and the bill before walking off without saying another word to the boy.

The boy sat in his seat quietly and ate his ice cream. He then paid for his order and left.

The waitress was relieved when she saw that the boy had left and went over to the table to clean it up for the next customers.

But when she walked over, she was in tears to see what the young boy had left for her—a 15 cent tip!

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The waitress felt guilty for being cold towards the boy earlier. She finally realized that the boy’s intention of asking questions was to make sure he still had enough money left to give her a tip, and thus chose to give up on having an ice cream sundae.

It seems logical to think that a child would not have as much spending power as an adult, but we should never be too quick to jump to conclusions. The little minds of these children can often surprise adults with what they come up with.

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