‘Capsule Wardrobe’ for Women: Living Minimally but Fashionably

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by Ritchelle Ann Ona

Doing a mix and match to maximise a capsule wardrobe (Credit: Classy Yet Trendy @ Pinterest)



Capsule Wardrobe for the Professional Woman      (Credit :Capsule Wardrobe @ Pinterest)

‘Capsule wardrobe’ is a concept that has existed even before Susie Faux, an owner of a London boutique, coined the term in the 1970s.

It’s a minimalistic concept that translates to just being simple in the way one wears clothes by limiting one’s items of clothing.

When it comes to one’s wardrobe, it’s understandably everyone’s right to enjoy buying clothes. However, as addictive as this form of enjoyment is, it has its drawbacks. 

Closet Full of Clothes, But Nothing to Wear

Nothing could be more ironic. Why does this happen? Why does it take someone forever to step out the door in the morning?

  1. Nothing gets thrown out for years. What happened to spring cleaning? Missing one or two spring cleaning sessions is fine, but why do some people have two decades’ worth of clothes? Nothing screams outdated fashion than this type of closet.


  1. Your clothes in the closet are from the time you were chubby. So if you’re not chubby anymore, what’s the sense in keeping your large clothes?


  1. You’re preparing your wardrobe because you’re on a diet. You bought new clothes because you’re on a diet and will get slim soon. Well, wouldn’t buying clothes in a smaller size the moment you reach your weight goals be more logical?


  1. Some of your clothes are presents. If you don’t like clothes that were given to you, there’s no sense in holding on to them. Give them to someone else. If you can’t bear to do that, then wear them. It’s that simple.


  1. You always see something at the mall. If you don’t need new clothes, why buy them? Great clothes will always be around. That’s a guarantee. That’s why many clothing companies don’t go broke and that’s the reason why many brands pop out of nowhere.

Capsule Wardrobe: Fashion That Says ‘Only Me’ Instead of ‘Me Too!’

 So, how does one streamline one’s closet and develop one’s style?

Know your fashion limitations.

1. V-necks universally flatter all face shapes, most shoulders types (rounded, hunched, pulled back), hair length and neck length.

2.  Quarter-length sleeves are the best. However, if you need a shorter length, which is most of the time, sleeves that are simple and hit the mid-part of the      upper arm before the elbows are the best.

Using the correct colour skim to match the skin colour (Credit: noco gemini @ Pinterest)

3. Know your skin tone. This is the reason why one can get away with a certain colour and one can’t. Ergo, it’s not your fault fuchsia doesn’t look good on Choose your colour from your own palette.


4. Straight cut jeans are both a classic and universally flattering for the tall, short, chubby, young and old. Just make sure you don’t have a very loose top. In     such cases, opt for tight-fitting jeans or leggings with a top long enough to  cover your derriere. Proportion is everything.


5. Tailor-made trousers are better. They could be more expensive, but they’re worth it. Not all frames are the same and wearing an over the rack trousers means you’re going to balloon in the hip area once you sit down. No matter   what others say, have the zipper at the side. No unflattering bunching up when you sit is going to happen. Besides, it’s more slimming.

6. Unless you’re off on a date, your skirt length should fall close to the knees. This goes for dresses as well.

7. For tops, the most flattering length is just before it reaches the widest part of your hips.

More Tips for Your Capsule Wardrobe

A stay-at-home mom’s capsule wardrobe     (Credit: capsulewardrobe @ Instagram)


(Credit: Capsule Wardrobe @ Twitter)
(Credit : The Overdeeps @ Pinterest)

1. Consider what you do. A stay-at-home mom’s capsule wardrobe should look different from a mom who works outside the home.

2.  Consider your budget. Someone who earns minimally would look ridiculous when he or she turns up looking like a boss who earns more.

3.  Just get enough clothes to last you a week. You do weekly laundry, right?

4.  The moment you start feeling you need more closet space is the moment you stop. Surely that closet space is of that size because it’s proportional to your place. And you live where you live because that is what’s proportional to your income.

5.  Plan your wardrobe. An ensemble that goes well together should always be the goal. If you bought yourself a new shirt, be careful the next time you shop for clothes. Get a pair of shorts or a skirt if you already have jeans to go with that shirt.

6.  Stick to a brand. Once you find a brand that works for you, stick to it. Clothing companies have a vision and mission that make their clothing designs unlike any other. The moment you find your brand is the moment you’ve found experts whose vision works in your favour. If they make it, buy it if you need it. If they don’t make it, use something else in your closet that they’ve designed instead. Stick to a brand. It’s like getting an expensive stylist on retainer for free.

Do these and no way will you have a closet full of clothes, but have nothing to wear. No way will you overspend. And no way will you not be fashionably smart.



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