Modern Problems That Occur In Today’s Life

# 9 Is The Most Worrying Thing

By Won Xue Li
Epoch Times Staff 

A famous artist from Toulouse, known as Dran, and Gerhard Haderer, an artist from Austria, created paintings, illustrations and street graffiti based on the modern problems happening in the world today. These creative paintings accurately depict the frustrations, sorrows and pains that occur to us daily.

Let’s look at 15 undeniably modern issues that are happening in today’s life:

# 1 The battle of assets is among the  many things that often happen to divorced couples today.

Credit: Instagram @dran_art #Visa #Divorce

# 2 This is everlasting love – how many couples can really stay together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health? The moern society of using medicine to prolong lives of the elderly.

Credit: Instagram @ dran_art-Better Loving/Living through chemistry

# 3 Is this considered ‘good’ service?

Credit: Instagram @dran_art #Service

# 4 It’s hard to find honest business relationships between businessmen!

Credit: Instagram @dran_art #Business

#5 Large corporations squeezing out the living space of small traders

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

# 6 When communication is no longer done face to face, but through a screen

Credit: Instagram @dran_art #Love nowadays
Credit: Gerhard Haderer

# 7 Tourists – while the rich are enjoying their vacation, the poor are stealing their money for survival.

Credit: Instagram dran_art #Paris lifestyle

# 8 People who read print newspapers seem to be alienated by modern society

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

# 9 The harsh reality of today’s childhood.

Credit: Instagram @dran_art
Credit: Gerhard Haderer

# 10 The work can never be finished. Seek the time to get some rest and just relax.

Credit: Instagram @dran_art #Takehollydays

#11 Admit it – this is an actual scenario of office toilet breaks today

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

#12 Busy taking pictures? Who is still enjoying the beauty of the moment?

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

#13 The desire to peep on others

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

#14 Electronic Waste

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

#15 Money will never be enough to the boss.

Credit: Gerhard Haderer

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