Nature and Couture: Which Flower Are You?

Dresses by (L) Oscar de la Renta and (R) Rosie Assoulin. (Mode Operandi. Illustrations by Olga_Koelsch/Shutterstock and Jena_Velour/Shutterstock)
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Spring has arrived. To me, it is the prettiest season of the year because everything is blooming and so colorful.

Escape for a moment into the world of nature, and see if you feel drawn to some of these beautiful flowers. It’s said that the flower you are most drawn to can tell you a lot about your personality.

Which one is your spirit flower? Maybe it’s not just one, but a beautiful bouquet! Ask your sister, daughter, mother, or girlfriend, and enjoy a moment reconnecting with Mother Nature, which we so often take for granted.

I’ve paired the flowers with these charming, colorful dresses to set you dreaming about the season ahead.

The Cosmos: Simple Yet Luxurious

Cold-Shoulder Cotton-Blend Moiré Gown by Oscar de la Renta. (Olga_Koelsch/Shutterstock; Moda Operandi)

The cosmos derives its name from Greek, meaning orderly, in place, or harmonious. Don’t we need that in the world right now? It also symbolizes peace and wholeness. If your personality is to bring people together and help make peace in your entourage, the cosmos is for you.

The Dress: This fuchsia Oscar de la Renta gown gracefully envelops you in a beautiful taffeta fabric.

The Tulip: Elegant and Well-Put Together

Satin-Paneled Crepe Gown by Prabal Gurung. (Adelveys/Shutterstock; Moda Operandi)

The tulip is my favorite flower; I just love its elongated shape, which represents softness. Tulips come in a wide variety of bright colors, bringing positivity and cheer. Tulip lovers tend to be caring and easy-going, and look on the positive side of life.

The Dress: The color of this Prabal Gurung gown mimics the pale shade of the pink tulip, while the sleeves mimic the shape of the flower.

The Daisy: Joyful and Soft

Floral-Embroidered Velvet Gown by Rosie Assoulin. (Jena_Velour/Shutterstock; Moda Operandi)

Scandinavian mythology associates the daisy with innocence and purity, as well as fertility. New mothers often are given daisies. They symbolize wellness and excellence.

The Dress: Don’t you feel the warmth of this Rosie Assoulin dress? It’s like Mother Nature is embracing you with love and tenderness.

The Sunflower: Bold and Hopeful

Bow-Embellished Silk-Poplin Mini Dress by Carolina Herrera, Altea floral-jacquard trousers by Eltro. (Yumeee/Shutterstock; Moda Operandi;

The sunflower is bold and beautiful. Behind its boldness lies loyalty and love for the sun. For Native Americans, the sunflower symbolizes generosity and provision. Someone who identifies with the sunflower is a giving and selfless person, a person who helps those in need without expecting anything in return.

The Outfit: This Carolina Herrera mini dress, paired with pants, matches the generous yellow color of the sunflower, while the draping mimics its petals.

The Peony: Girly and Sophisticated

Accompany One-Shoulder Cady Gown by Maticevski. (Gringoann/Shutterstock; Moda Operandi)

The peony is considered the “queen of flowers” in the East. In ancient China during the Sui Dynasty, peonies were mostly grown at the imperial palace, which is why they symbolize nobility and grace. In the West, on the other hand, Greek mythology associates the flower with shyness. Peony lovers tend to be humble and self-conscious, but with a sense of dignity.

The Dress: This Maticevski gown shows the girly yet sophisticated side of the peony lover. The sleeves are draped like peony petals, revealing a hidden color and whimsical details.

The Rose: Timeless and Impeccable

Pleated Bodice Gown by Christian Siriano. (Nataliya Kunitsyna/Shutterstock; Moda Operandi)

The rose is probably the most famous flower that represents love. Its lush beauty symbolizes womanhood and passion. Rose lovers are sweet and passionate about their loved ones; they are trustworthy and lead with their hearts. Soft and romantic, the rose is a timeless flower, and the same can be said of the style of a rose lover.

The Dress: This Christian Siriano gown is simple but elegant, reminiscent of the lovely petals of a rose.

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