Philadelphia City Hall Graces the City’s Center

Larger Than Life: Art that inspires us through the ages

William Penn presides over Philadelphia. The City Hall was the tallest building in Philadelphia for 86 years, due to the respect afforded Penn: One should not build higher than Penn's hat. Times have changed. Although no longer the tallest in the city, the building now has an observation deck below the statue that offers visitors a chance to nearly join Penn and enjoy an expansive view of the city he founded, Philadelphia. (Photosounds/Shutterstock)
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The Philadelphia City Hall is like a distinguished gentleman, who is noble in his contribution to the city, has integrity in material and structural elements, and who possesses a refined and cultured disposition. The location of City Hall was originally outlined in the 1682 city plan by William Penn, the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania. It is centrally located at the crossing of two major streets in the city’s center. Construction of the bui
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