Shilin Night Market is Finally in Singapore

Here are 9 Things You Should Know

shilin night market in Singapore 2019
Michelle Tan
Epoch Times Staff

1. Be prepared for the huge crowd.

I am usually contented with my 1.60m height, except when at Shilin Night Market @ Singapore Turf Club yesterday—I just wished that I were taller so that I could breathe fresher air without feeling suffocated when weaving through the crazy crowds.

2. Milksha (迷客夏) can only be ordered and purchased through the Klook App.

As my Taiwanese friend told me that Milksha is super popular among the young people in Taiwan, I decided to give it a try.

However, don’t be fooled by the line in front of the stall when you reach there. Its milk products can only be purchased through Klook app. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to order Milksha drinks:

1) Make sure you have the Klook app installed.
2) Order the drink you want by searching “Milksha” using the app.
3) Show the digital receipt to the Klook staff at the stall. They’ll scan the QR code and issue you a booking reference ticket.
4) Collect your drink at the stall counter by showing them the ticket.

The waiting time is reasonable, but the fact that the drinks can only be ordered through an app to which you have to provide personal particulars is not really convenient.

I was completely wowed by their Fresh Taro Milk after having a first sip. The yam was so creamy and smooth with just the right level of sweetness.

Although they also have Azuki Matcha Milk and Valrhona Pure Cocoa Fresh Milk, I would definitely recommend their taro milk as they are said to use the superior yam from Taichung (台中大甲芋头) as the ingredients.

3. The Devil Fried Chicken’s (惡魔雞排) queue is ridiculously long.

It’s a super famous fried chicken brand, thus the ridiculously long queue. I didn’t have the courage to join the line but the fragrance of the chicken cutlet had my mouth watering.

4. The famous Chia Te Bakery (佳德糕餅) is here and you can order their pineapple tarts using the Klook App.

So far all of Chia Te’s pineapple cake souvenir sets are sold out till 23rd April. So if you are a fan, you may need to hurry up and book yours ASAP!

5. Popular milk tea brands Gong Cha (貢茶) and The Alley (斜角巷) are here too.

shilin gong cha

Drinking milk tea has been reinvented to be ever more fun. At the Tokidoki X Gong Cha Funhouse you can make your own bubble tea for $6 with a selection of toppings and flavours.Enjoy!


6. Enjoy the live music performance too besides eating and drinking.

Despite the rain, the ambience was not too bad thanks to the live music. If you are a fan of Taiwanese pop songs, you can enjoy listening to the live pop music non-stop.

7. Local snacks and delicacies are also available.

Other than Taiwanese foods and drinks, local snacks are also available.

8. Remember the virtue of patience and tolerance when waiting in line.

It is understandable that we may get a bit frustrated and impatient when waiting for too long in the queue. We also happened to see several arguments among people (even between husband and wife) in the crowd yesterday.

However, we suggest when the frustration level elevates, try to take a deep breath and smile.

It could be a chance to improve our patience. For girls, it may be a chance to test whether your boyfriend is truly easy-going.

9. Event Details:


This event is open to public

No ticket required!


19 – 21 April 2019
26 – 28 April 2019

3PM to 11PM (Fri – Sun)


The Grounds@Kranji (Singapore Turf Club)


Take North-South Line to Kranji (NS7) Station Exit A – 3min sheltered walk


Nearest Busstops include:

Kranji Stn

Opp Kranji Stn


Multi Storey Carpark in Singapore Turf Club (Limited Parking Available)
Carros Centre – with free shuttle bus service to and fro Shilin Singapore


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