Uniquely Beautiful Homes in the Philippines

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by Ritchelle Ann Ona

Beauty is always elusive.

These houses might seem simple enough or too common, but it’s this very reason plus their often remote location in the Philippines that make them some of the most beautiful places to stay in the country.

The houses in the list were chosen for their beautiful exterior and interiors that’s easily replicated. Enjoy!

1. Amidst a Volcano

The Volcano House (Credit: Fermin @ Airbnb.com)
The Volcano House (Credit: Fermin @ Airbnb.com)

Rate: SGD 36 per night

Location: Mambajao, Northern Mindanao

Imagine waking up to birds chirping while getting an ocean view!

Right at the slope of Hibok-Hibok Volcano, this house has WiFi, kitchen facilities, projector screen, warm and cold bath and TV to make your temporary life in the jungle comfortable.

However, because of the location and lack of infrastructures, there could be instances of low water pressure or slow internet connection.

2. Boathouse

Boathouse (Credit: Kin Soe @ Airbnb.com)
Boathouse (Credit: Kin Soe @ Airbnb.com)

Rate: SGD 279 per night

Location: Puerto Galera Bay

At this four-bedroom villa with en suite bathrooms, you’ll have the luxury of watching the sunrise and the sunset while sipping freshly-brewed coffee made in the well-equipped kitchen.

Perfect for those who enjoy their privacy, this place has the convenience of being  minutes away from Sabang Beach and the town proper.

You’ll enjoy the view of Puerto Galera Bay, one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world while sitting in the large terrace on the comfortable rattan lounge chairs.

3. In the Metro

Luxury living in the city (Credit: Mark @ Airbn.com)
Luxury living in the city (Credit: Mark @ Airbn.com)

If being in the CBD is for you, this is the luxurious way to live.

You’ll fall in love with the interiors, designer-branded furnishing and accents of this flat.

It has:

  •  a bedroom with an 11” queen size bed ideal for couples, business travelers, returning residents, expatriates and professionals
  •  a gold chandelier in the living room area
  • a fully-equipped kitchen
  • a table setup with a metallic gold stand and black marble top that wouldn’t disappoint anyone during an intimate dinner

Rate: SGD 67 per night

Location: Makati City

3. Overlooking a Volcano by the Lake



Overlooking Tagaytay chalet (Credit: Tagaytay chalet @Facebook)
Overlooking Tagaytay chalet (Credit: Tagaytay chalet @Facebook)

Rate: SGD 109 per night

Location: Tagaytay, Calabarzon

This rustic chalet is on the mountainside overlooking Taal Volcano, the world’s smallest active volcano that’s surrounded by water.

The large bedroom upstairs is divided into three with its own washstand. Meanwhile, downstairs’ living room and dining area open to a 12 square meter balcony.

Everywhere you look you’ll see views of the lake and the virgin forest upfront.

  1. Farmhouse


Manzante Farmhouse (Credit: Alex @ Airbnb.com)
Manzante Farmhouse (Credit: Alex @ Airbnb.com)


For those who like the tranquility of living in a farm, this accommodation in a 1.2 hectare compound, surrounded by nothing but greenery, is modern country living.

Big enough with four bedrooms, the house can have 16 guests.

Completing the aura of a true farmhouse, it’s got wooden furniture with the outside dotted by ornamental plants. Three out of four bedrooms have air conditioners, though all bedrooms have capiz windows for a more than adequate ventilation.

Built with two living rooms, one on the first floor, the other on the second floor has large windows perfect for enjoying the scenery.

Rate: SDD 90 per night

Location: Ilocos



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