Ways To Tell If Someone Has Depression

Credit: yourwellnessfocus @Instagram
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By Fiona


We all experience some kind of negative attitudes in our lives — such as feeling bored, loss of interest, feeling down or feeling lonely. These are normal feelings to us as human beings but if this kind of feeling persists for long, that kind of state turns to be depression. Many people have depression but they cannot really tell whether or not they are experiencing it. 

The reason is that many people are not informed about the signs and symptoms of depression. Below are some of the signs and symptoms of depression, their impact and how one can overcome them in the future. Of course, the signs alone do not tell the whole story and each individual’s circumstances vary, but here are some clues for us to decide. 

Changes in appetite

Credit: coldstoragesg @Instagram
Credit: coldstoragesg @Instagram

It’s a sign of depression when you lose your taste for different types of food. Once you develop this symptom, you feel that there is no kind of food you are interested in consuming. You just feel that no type of food or drink is best for you and when you take any type of food, you just feel that it is tasteless.

When you go through a change in appetite, this can also result in loss of weight. You will also face the risk of experiencing some biological problems such as dehydration and constipation.

To someone experiencing this kind of situation, it’s advisable to try taking different kinds of fruits and also fish. All these help a great deal in retrieving your appetite and also relieving more of your stress.

Reduced interest in various activities you once enjoyed

Credit: sonderwellness @Instagram

This is another symptom of depression where you lose interest in most of the things you used to love and do. If you were a fan of football for example, you develop that attitude where you feel that you don’t want to play football anymore since you feel like it’s boring you. You also feel that you don’t want to do anything and prefer to stay idle.

This may result in an informed state of nature since you are not involved in things you used to do. You may be at risk of losing your job if you were employed since your employer may recognize your poor performance.

You should help this kind of person by being willing and ready to listen to his problem and assist him to solve it so that he may come out of that state and continue with his normal life.

Too much sleeping or too little sleep

Credit: yourwellnessfocus @Instagram

When you are having something which is stressing you in your mind that may lead you into depression, excessive sleeping may be one of the symptoms where you feel that you don’t want to wake up any more and you just want to sleep. Or sometimes, you may experience little sleep since in your mind you have that feeling that something is disturbing you and need to come up with ways to overcome it.

With this symptom, you are likely to waste much of your time sleeping although you might be better utilizing it doing something else. You also lose concentration and focus which may lead to unexpected and negative thoughts.

If you are experiencing this kind of state, you should try as much as possible to make sure that you are at least having a walk in nature or spending more time with your friends, and you should also share your experience with them since they can help in one way or another.

Difficulties in thinking and making decisions

Credit: introwellness @Instagram

This is another sign of depression where you become slow in making decisions or even making decisions which are irrelevant or do not relate to the context. Your concentration also becomes poor which is a result of slow thinking.

This can result in making unplanned decisions or decisions which do not contribute to any positive benefit in future. Sometimes you find yourself gazing at something with no reason or just having a focus at one point without thinking about anything.

If you are experiencing this sign, It’s advisable to avoid being alone and involve yourself in activities which you love doing most.

Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

Credit: eddinscounselinggroup @Instagram

It’s another sign of depression where you feel that you are like nothing to this world, to the extent of feeling that you are unworthy of living in this world. You also feel that you are guilty of something which you cannot literally explain. 

The consequences of this symptom are that you start hating people for no reason and also choose to stay a separate life where you don’t want to be involved with people. You simply feel that people are a burden to you and you don’t want to disturb or be disturbed by them.

If you are experiencing this kind of state, you should feel free to share the feeling with your close friends who you feel can sympathize with and help you come up with a solution to the issue disturbing your mind.

Abnormal weight loss or gain

Credit: shopthegearz @Instagram

This is one of the most common signs of depression if you have something disturbing you in your mind. In most cases, many people experience weight loss, and in rare cases, weight gain. If at one point you are experiencing this kind of state, this explains to you that you are having some kind of depression and this may be a result of too much thinking and lack of concentration.

This kind of symptom can lead to sickness as a result of excessive weight loss. Also, you may develop a negative attitude of how you associate with people due to your state of health.

If you have a friend or someone close who you know is encountering this issue, it’s good to show him love and tell him that you are with him all along and that you will help him cope up with the situation in all ways.

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